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About Me -

My name is Jessica. I am nineteen years old and have a love for literature. If I am not doodling in a sketchbook or reading, I can often times be found writing. However, I find that time to write is much more difficult to find when one must pay ones own bills. Taking extra shifts often cuts into my valuable writing time.

I am not currently in college, though I do so hope to be soon. However, my financial situation is not that great and I can not afford to take time from work to do college. Perhaps college will be the better choice in the long run, but my house won't pay for itself. Once I do go to college, though, I plan to escape it with a Doctorate so that I may become a psychiatrist.

I do not believe in sexual orientation. I believe in love. However, most people tend to label that as 'bisexual' but I don't think that. In my honest opinion, I believe that being bisexual means that you can reach down anyone's pants and be satisfied with whatever it is you find. Since that it not what I believe in, I will no classify myself bisexual. I believe in soul mates, and I believe that your soul mate might not be in the body of someone of the opposite gender. In my case, I found someone I believed to be my soul mate, and she happens to be the same gender as me. Would you label me a lesbian then?

However, even though I do no believe in sexual orientation does not mean that I won't conform to using such things in my stories. Whereas I might not believe in labeling oneself, my characters have no problems proclaiming their sexuality, so to speak.

Yes, my characters have Japanese style names, but please be aware that they were created for roleplaying, and since their first roleplay was a Naruto! one, it can not be helped that they are named such. I will not change their names now, not after having them as such for such a long time. Here is a list of their names and how to pronounce them (for you very English speaking people). Oh yes, and bold names are characters that are not mine, but rather my soul mate's, and yes, I do have permission to use them, just as she has permission to use my characters.

Daisuke (Die-skay)
Shi (She)
Sar (Sar)
Lynn (not a Japanese name, so you should be able to pronounce it just fine)
Aiko (Eye-ko)
Koujo (Co-joe)
Kamari (Kuh-mar-e)
Kyono (Key-oh-no)
Aikawa (Eye-kah-wah)
Tenshi (Ten-she)
Koichi (Koi-chi)
Mosake (Moe-saw-key)
Junpei (June-pay, but mostly he's just JP)
Kazo (Kaw-zo)
Cyreen (Sigh-reen)
Hoshi (Ho-she)
Tobi (Toe-be)
Xeron (Zeer-on)

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