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My name is unnecessary. What else do we have PenNames for?
I'm not going to tell you that I like to write, because if I did, I would be forced to smack myself in the head with a large book.
I like to pretend that my sarcasm equals wit, but that isn't actually the case. I just don't like to be serious in real life.
As for my writing, I usually do throw some ridicule in there, but can also keep it down-to-earth.
I have immense trouble plotting out stories, which is why I can't write out a real one. I do one-shots, mostly.
I never, ever base characters on real people. That gets you into trouble, and I write to escape reality, not make it worse.
I'm pretty freakin' random when I try, so if one of my characters somehow grows wings on its feet or skips off into the sunset with a bloated peacock, don't be alarmed.
I have an account over on fanfiction.net, where I had a hilarious (or so I, and my beautiful faithful reviewers, think) notes story running 100 chapters long, but decided to end it. It killed me, so I'm probably gonna end up writing another one here with original characters. That one is where the peacock comes in. But not really. I don't like to be tacky with my random-osity... That's right.
I have a horrific issue with procrastination, and this affects every part of my life from writing, to schoolwork, to the pile of laundry sitting on my floor for three days straight now. I have no pants left. It's quite sad.
As I said, I have troubles with outlining stories, so I probably won't post a real one any time soon. This ties in with my procrastination.
The fact that I even wrote all this just now proves my lack of a life.
So, goodbye for now. And when I post my first story at eighty-three years old, I hope you decide to review. (:

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