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Birthday: August 11, 1989 (or 1925 - I'm not showing my true age xD)

City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Country: United States (Mid West)

Galaxy: The Milky Way

Gender: Female (This much is true)

Occupation: Student, Pervert (full time)


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Gaiaonline: Just look up MiniShimi

A Little Bit Of Me

What is so great about myself that I should put on this page?

Well, I'm a slowly recovering Chronic Procrastinator, AND I think the Matrix is in actual existence...yep.

But everything else? I honestly have no clue, but I'll give you guys just the basic rundown on who I am:

General Interests+

Ballet, Haiti, hippies, Gay Rights, pigs (something about their snouts and their pink color just makes me really happy), sea turtles, giraffes, Lady Gaga, The GazettE, Arashi, mangoes, reading, being random on the internet, Craig Ferguson, music in general, Television, art in general, annoying my father (best hobby next to ballet), role playing, writing, Halloween, Las Vegas (the show and the city), Spiderman, Nintendo, chocolate, horror, gross humor, Obama, Chuck Tailors, small children (I love them so MUCH!)

I like a lot of things. But if you wanna learn more about me, just send me a message on this site or any of my other internet accounts.

General Dislikes+

Homophobes, ignorant people, bad/horrific spelling and grammar, plot holes, just really bad writing, Kesha (totally random, but she's just really annoying), Rush Limbaugh, procrastinating, flamers (if you don't like someone's story or art work, either give some constructive criticism or shut the fuck up. Don't post shit if you are going to be a fucking asshole about someone's hard work), animal cruelty, child abuse, Kanye West (great when he first started, but now his ego is bigger than the sun itself - whiny asshole), people jumping to conclusions (it's pretty funny sometimes), poor argument, people being condescending to others like they know everything...

I have a lot of dislikes. However, my biggest dislike is being annoyed. I'm pretty much a nice person, but do any of the above or enforce anything YOU KNOW will piss others off - don't try it on me because I WILL go off on your ass with a vengeance. But you won't know when and how I will strike at times.

Oh, I'm also bluntly honest. Be the same with me.

Spotlight Page - Er - Spot!

Okay! This is just a little section I decided to make to spotlight some of my favorite stories. I hope you will get a chance to read them and add them to your favorites as well!

The Invisible Chains by Eurypon

Summary: Book I of Dark Tales Of Randamor The Recluse. A long and brooding chronicle with bitterness, savage tribes, bloody battles and crowns lost and gained. About friendship in arms, love in bonds, devotion against all odds and undeserved tenderness. M/M Slash.
Rating: Mature
Genre: Romance/Adventure/Drama
Length: 261,049
Status: In Progress

Just Don't Mess With Us by Eurypon

Summary: What if you were in love with three persons at once? And all three were in love with you? And with each other? And you lived together? And you all were guys? Wouldn't it just be like a family? That is what Alan thinks... contains gratuitous sex. M/M-Slash.
Rating: Mature
Genre: Humor/Humor/Romance
Length: 21,388
Status: In Progress


Okay, it has been forever since the last time I touched this page. It was mostly from giving up here because before my writing sucked and there weren't many that cared about what I wrote. Hell, I had a similar problem on Live Journal and stopped posting my stories there, PERIOD. During that time period, I've resorted to sending a copy of my story to those who ask for it.

I think that it is perhaps this fear that many writers have of seeing their hard work being under appreciated. I sure as hell am suffering from it and with good reason.

So now, I am going to try this again. I will post my original work here (most of it anyway) and see how well this works out. If not, I'll just delete everything and just have my contact information ready...or just delete the entire account.

~ 02/21/2010 ~

I've deleted my first two because they are on permanent hiatus and I see no point in keeping them online. Someday, sometime in 2056 I'll consider posting a modified version of them. For now, they are gone.

More will be added later.


New story Book One: The Broken Gates has been posted. I will post the next chapter as soon as I can, but it will take me quite a while before I'll post the third-plus chapters of this story. I have classes right now (midterms especially), and rehearsals for an upcoming performance will hinder any quick updates, and the story itself is still under development it is going to be a while before any new updates.


New story spotlights! Now, they are from the same author because he is an amazing writer. One for Just Don't Mess With Us for his random and wickedly lovely sense of humor, and two for The Invisible Chains, for, what I have read so far, the imagination this guy has. This and the movie Avatar has really inspired me to really focus on my own story and fully develop a world of my own to escape and to inspire others with.

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A coming out, lesbian novel focusing on the relationship between two young, sassy and lovable well as the friendships and relationships affected by their love. Also under the YA section, but I felt it also fit with the normal Fiction genre. Please do not be scared by the publish date - RL kept me from writing for a very long time, but I'm now updating weekly!
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Tutoring's never been this complicated, thanks to Wes McDermott. He'll ignore you, then charm you. He'll insult you, then ask you out. With little studying going on, all Amy wants is for Wes to pick up a textbook ... before she murders him with it.DELETED
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,484 - Reviews: 968 - Favs: 997 - Follows: 944 - Updated: 3/17/2008 - Published: 2/16/2007
Book One: The Broken Gates reviews
Jayden Michaels and Gabriel Winchester have lived in California with no incident. Jayden finds an unusual book and both teens quickly witness strange creatures in their town. This is just the beginning.
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,749 - Reviews: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2/23/2010