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"There is a special darkness when you blow out the one lamp in the night, when your eyes still expect light but there is none to be had. It is a total darkness that heightens all other senses, and on this night I could suddenly hear clearly what I have been fearing most."

Quota from The Tenth City. (edited the last few words)

I love how that sounds.

I have been writing a lot recently but i haven't been typing it. I did delete all my stories that i did have for personal reasons. Some of the stories my come up against so keep your eyes open.
I guess since this is a profile i should tell you things about me. I think the most important thing you should know about me is that i am random, so is life :b I put a lot of sarcasm in my stories and randomness. So beware when reading my stories they have "ha-ha-ha" moments. :x

I should be putting up stories soon so like i already said keep your eyes open for them!


I currently have writer's block, which sucks if you haven't experienced it. Anyway that is the reason that I haven't post up any stories lately. I am trying to fight agaisnt it so please read the stories I have so far and review them, they give me inspiration. :) I hope to post a new story up soon. My friend had come up with it and she had kindly given it to me to write in a way to go agaisnt the writer's block. So keep your eyes open for new stories!!

PS-updated Kate Norway so please reread the first and new second chapters. Please rate and comment on them because I would like to know if I should continue with this story.



Wow that's ironic. Look at the dates of my updates they are the same date. _ Funny, a whole month before I get on again i suppose then this should be a tradition. Anway that new story I was talking about last month is for now a bye-bye butterfly. I found one of my old stories in my bookcase piled underneath other stories that I had given up on. So please check out my new story that I hope to keep writing, Heaven vs Hell. I already have two chapters up so please review and tell me what you guys think about it.

PS-Hope everyone has a good Valentine's day and enjoy the movie that comes out that day. I am one of million that are planing to go see it yah! XD Also here is an early present gives box of chocolates in heart shaped box //



Humm, guess i just borke my tradition to be. All well I'll start another one later. I updated my Heaven vs Hell story, added another chapter. It will say two, but it is just that i split chapter three in two. It was two pov that i didn't want to mush together in one page but two seperate ones. I like it better that way i guess. But please check it out it's getting interesting with my charrie's newly dyed hair and the first thoughts of the new student.

PS-Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day. Still need to make plans to see that movie though note to youerselves to not see Dear John. Books better that moive, just like Twilight. (Have not seen New moon. Apparetnly it's better, interesting.)



I updated some of the already posted chapters of Heaven vs. Hell. So please reread the the second and third (1 and 2) chapters since they are the updated ones. And every one, new moon is not better than Twilight, I am not going to see the rest of the saga, if they decide to make it of course. But all you twilight/new moon fans out there you inspire me that you can watch that movie over and over again.

Anyway it's spring break here in Atlanta and its officially boring, at this time. it you want to help me not be bored and you have gaia account (and you role-play yaoi) then please pm me --Chris_Core

I play uke and seke can play seme but don't like to its my weak point. I have thread where it tells you what i am looking for: http:///forum/barton-ooc/yaoi-role-play-partner-search/t.59465405/


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