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Hi everyone! I am a writer, that is why I am here. My nick name is Odweirda or just call me UncontainedPoison if that's what you prefer. And I'd like to point out that I am a vampire/succubus and I will drain all of your souls! Don't believe me? Watch and see

Books: Bloom(Evan and Lauren), Boy2Girl, Twiligt;New Moon;Eclipse (Edward and Bella), Evolution, me and other freaks of nature (Casey and Meena), Fast girls and smart boys (Natalie and Matt), Frist kisses books, Just listen (Owen and Annabel), Love Sick (Erica and Ted), Maximum Ride (Fang and Max), The boyfriend League (Dani and Jason), The nature of Jade (Jade and Sebastian), This is what I did, Truth about forever (Wes and Macy), What happened to Cass Mcbride, Blue is for nightmares; White is for magic (Stacy and Chad); Silver is for Secrets (Stacy and Jacob, Drea and Chad), Red is for Rememberence (Pj and Amber). Looking Glass Wars; Seeing Red (Alyss and Dodge), Life as we knew it (Dan and Miranda)

I added the couples I put together in the books. That doesn't mean they are! I have a lot of intrests. One is books, movies, writing, music, talking, scarying people, having fun, going on the computer, etc.

Games: World of warcraft(WoW), Kingdom Hearts, Mario and Luigi, Sims 2, Four second Fury, Would you rather, etc.

Music: Rock, pop, classical, country, punk, emo, and almost anything I am forgetting. I do not enjoy retards attempting poetry...

Friends: (Not their actual names. Just what I call 'em for now) Epod, Selax, FP-player, Wolfie, JJ.

Habits: Biting nails, pinching bridge of nose, messing with my hair, tapping my fingers anxiously on a surface, saying sigh before actually sighing, rambling uncontrollably, and talking to myself.

Ok, I do not tolerate flames, so take them elsewhere. I also do not appreciate stealer's, so don't you dare. The reason I have a nickname is because I care to protect myself from predators. My age is only a simple number, or rather two... I only care to tell you what I like, which shows instances of who I am. I'd have to trust you to say anything further! Check out PoisonxFlower (A.K.A EPOD). If you don't like her, you defiantly won't like me!

Onto better subjects! The story I am writing is Silence is Deadly. Due to seeing my sister laughing hysterically at the name, I decided it would be adequate to change the name. Since the other wasn't supposed to be humorous.

Summary: "I'm always watching..." Terri never expected to be in the place that she is. She was raped, her mother died, she was nearly killed, and now she's being stalked. Now turning to all she has, the earth, she goes deep down into it. Finding secrets not supposed to be known to anyone. But she isn't the only one sharing a special ability. Seeking a new world, Terri finds herself in another nightmare. The constant itches, nightmares, careless uprooting of plants, being sucked into secretive quests, and worst of all; having to overcome evil. Can she actually survive? "You have the power to control it. But it's your choice, whether to use it to kill or to save our world."

OH MY TWIX! Thanks for visiting my page! Sorry, I couldn't contain myself! And I will let the poison seep into your veins.

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