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My name is Izzy, I'm 19, and I live in Canada. I have always loved reading and writing.

Favorite Things:

Books: Twilight series, Pride and Prejudice, Inkheart trilogy, Uglies series, Anne of Green Gables, Out of the Silent Planet, Ella Enchanted, etc

Movies: The Green Mile, Dracula 2000, Sweeney Todd, PotC 1, 2 &3, LotR 1, 2 & 3, Twilight, Stargate (all of them), PotO (1925 version with Lon Chaney), Across the Universe

Bands/Musicians: Kamelot, Paramore, Nightwish (old, not new), Tarja, some Epica, Within Temptation, Emilie Autumn, Evanescence, Enya, La Roux

Song: In and Out of Love, by Armin van Burin, feat. Sharon den Adel

TV Shows: House, Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, Corner Gas, The Vampire Diaries


"There is more to a book than what is read on the page."-Me

"There is a fine line between planning for the future, and dwelling on the future."-Me

"We can't change the wind, but we can adjust the sails."-Unknown

"'I didn't realize I was famous,' I said a little wryly, 'I'll have to murder my brothers for this.'" - Anna Talon, The Talon Memoires (my story)

Valerie Sharpe (in movie): Sorry about your father. We sucked him dry.
Me: I don't think these vampires know the actually meaning of the phrase, "sucked dry".
-Me, commenting on the Dracula 2000 movie.

My Mom: (singing) Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love doesn't pay my bills. I want money. Just give me money.
Me: You're retarded.
My Mom: Thank you. I've worked hard to become so.

Story Writing Tips

Tip #1: Write about what you know. If you're writing a love story in which the main female character is dumped by her boyfriend, think about what you have been through in your own personal experience, and think about how she might react. Does your character have a strong personality? Are they normally quite likeable? Do they have a weak personality, and they let people push them around? Or do they have a personality that is mysterious, and unpredictable? Once you have established a main character, only you, the author, can predict how they will react to a certain problem.

Tip #2: When beginning a story, and a chapter, it often helps to start the story/chapter in the middle of an action, because then you immediately grasp the reader's attention.

Tip #3: When writing a summary, you might want to include a very short excerpt from your story. That way, you get the reader intrigued. In a real, published book, the first thing that a person sees is the cover, second the title, and third, the back of the book, where the summary is usually located. Since, on Fanfiction, we don't have a cover for our stories, the first thing we see is the title, and then the summary. In order to capture the reader's attention, make your summary brief, and don't give too much away in your story, otherwise, there wouldn't be any point in the person reading it.

Tip #4: Write about what is important to you. If you're writing about breaking up with a boyfriend, and that is something that has never happened to you, or is not important to you, then you can't write to your full potential because your heart isn't into it.

Tip #5: Your plot always has to be moving and getting somewhere. You don't want your story to hit a stand-still. You need a means of how your characters move forward in your plot, and you, the author, always need to know what route your plot will follow. You don't need to know all the details; just the basic plot line.

Tip#6: In your fictitious world, you need your limitations. Your characters are not invincible, and they can't live forever (unless their elves :-D). They don't breathe fire and they can't create force fields. Although many authors here I'm sure, myself included, wish that writing was that easy, it's not. You need to stick to the limitations that you give yourself (when writing an original story), or the limitations given you (when writing a story on fanfiction). If not, then your story doesn't make any sense. The rules that you created for your world in the beginning is how they MUST stay.

Tip#7: Description. This is a big one. You have to remember that the world you are trying to create through the use of words is one that most of the rest of the population may have trouble picturing, so describe, describe, describe. It doesn't have to be so filled with so much detail that the plot virtually doesn't exist, and all you're doing is setting the scene throughout the whole book - remember, the story must be going somewhere - but detail is still important, and it does set the scene, making it easier for the reader to picture what you as the author are trying to portray through your writing.

Tip#8: This has a little to do with the description thing. When you want to write something, and you struggle with describing stuff, get your ideas down on paper (or computer) first, and then add the description in afterwards. Now, for some people, they can just add it in as they go along. But if you are the kind of person who has so many ideas bouncing around in your head that you can't make heads or tails of it, you need to follow this tip, for your own sake as a writer. You need to make sure that you get your ideas down before you actually write anything substantial. That way, you will already have the ideas down when you start writing, and you don't need to worry about forgetting them.

Tip #9: This one was told to me by my friend, OnMyKnees from fanfiction. When writing in first person (third person, too, but mostly first person) you want to stick to one character. If you want to put it from another character's point of view, then write in third person, so your audience can relate more and connect more to your main character.

I hope that these tips help you get closer to achieving your literary goals. For more tips, visit my gallery on my deviantART account at .


~Beyond the Pages~


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