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Hello! My name is Bookbook. I am a Dark Elf, and I live in a world one of you writers made up. Unfortunately, my author is... creatively challenged, let's say, and she forced me to be the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil sidekick of her villain. Luckily, she also gave me super-speshul powers, and I managed to delete her story. Now I am free, and have my own computer. Life will be very... interesting... from now on.

A brief profile:

Name: Bookbook... well, I used to be Morrana Darkwing, but that's just sad.

Age: Yeah, like I'll ever tell you.

Star Sign: Virgo (my gods, that's ironic).

Chinese Year: Tiger.

Alignment: Evil... as you people see it, anyway.

Appearance: Cliched, of course. I have pure midnight hair (never mind the fact midnight has stars and a moon) and pure black eyes (what about the whites?) and pure white skin (my god, why are all my colors so pure? And don't I get any time in the sun? No, I forgot, I'm nocturnal. Oh joy). And I dress in black. ALL. THE. TIME. I hate my author.

Place of Origin: Some sub-section in the Evil Pit O' Cliches.

Occupation: Former evil sidekick. Currently a member of the Character's Workers Union.

Bio: Well, the one my author gave me was that I'm a dark elf and I'm evil. No mention of my childhood. No mention of any siblings. Grrrrrrrr.

Here are the stories I have written:

Myamei Freed: a memoir, about how SOMEONE (cough me cough) escaped from their author's clutches.

Hail the Conquering Hero?: also a memoir, but a more enjoyable one. A few words to the villain beforehand, and poof! a better story.

Once There Were Trees: Oh, gods. I miss forests. I miss nature. I miss fitting into reality instead of conquering it.

I miss home.

As I said above, I fight as a lieutenant in the Character's Workers Union... which consists of:

Atha'kor, my best friend, and another former sidekick. She was a black dragon. Now she protests, mostly about how so many things are assumed about black dragons just because of the color of their scales. She's also on the Female Rights campaign.

Silverbone, a member of the skeleton army. She didn't want to be torn out of the afterlife. Do you people think before you do these things? She's on the Female Rights campaign as well.

Alucard, who's a vampire. He likes jeans and T-shirts. He thinks hair dye is expensive. He's blond. He does not have a daughter.

The Ghost of the Hero's Past, who is forced to be the ghost of pretty much any dead person the hero loved. The Ghost of the Hero's Past thinks that The Ghost of the Hero's Past should get a vacation once in a while. The Ghost of the Hero's Past also thinks that the hero shouldn't believe in ghosts. (The Ghost of the Hero's Past is genderless.)

And me, Bookbook, the Dark Elf. I'm on the Female Rights board, just like Atha'kor and Silverbone.

Currently we're the only members, because we're the only ones who were smart enough to free ourselves. But there will be more. There will be more.

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