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A little bit bout me:

I'm 17. I've been writing since I was about 12ish. I LOVE to write.

I'm currently in the process of deciding what I want to post. I've taken my stuff down, because I've been told that (and I agree) that posting your work online obviously isn't super secure.

I hate it when people claim they are writing a book, but they are only on page 12. That's not a book that's page 12. When you finished that's called a STORY. It's not a book till it's published.

One of the things I hate is people who act fake. I hate it when people slap a stereotype onto themselves, like oh I'm preppy, oh I'm a skater, I'm emo. When you label yourself, all you are is naming yourself as another kid who conforms to the stereotype that society sets for you. Congratulations. You now have no individual identity.

MUSIC: flyleaf, three days grace, p.o.d, skillet, resident hero, breaking benjamin, third day...I like bands who are more than just their paycheck, I like music that stands for something other than the usual crap you hear on the top billboard.

In the words of Jodi Picoult:

"A writer is someone who can’t not write. Someone who has stories batting around inside his (or her!) head, someone who hears characters speak. It’s not a comfortable thing; being a writer, it feels itchy and compulsive and absolutely necessary."

I don't put a lot of my stuff on here since I am constantly changing things...I don't think my stuff is good enough to get stolen but there's always that possibility...

A lot of people say they are writers like they are proud of it or something. Don't tell me your a writer, anyone can claim they are, show me.