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"There is only one way to achieve happiness on this terrestrial ball
And that is to live with either a clear conscience, or none at all."

- Ogden Nash

My name is Serai Rhifune (My current pen name, as well as an anagram of my real name. If you figure it out, I'll give you a non-literal, all-expense paid trip to Tahiti.). Currently, I write fanfiction, but am slowly progressing onto original fiction, which I've written for years, with no serious product. I hope to write, in the future, in the Supernatural/Romance genre. I am currently working on a story entitled "The Bait of Eve", a story about free will and the power one woman possesses that can affect the fate of mankind. Pretty intense, and as of now, in a working stage.

So, with that said...

Likes Include: All things Romance-related, Musical Theater, Non-Musical Theater, Singing, BOOKS, Acting, Pianos, Violins, Roses, Men in masks, Men in capes, Men in impossibly-tight breeches, Israel, Ireland, Celtic lore, Greek/Roman Mythology, Quiet Libraries, History, Victorian/Elizabethan England, Opera, Vampires, Prius(es), New England, Owls, Dolphins, Oceanography, Zionism, Excessively Random Music, Starbucks, Rock, Thunderstorms, Sunsets, Hiking, Daydreaming, Villains (hot, misunderstood ones), Strong Female Characters in Literature, Documentaries, Film, Travel, Pirates, etc..

Dislikes Include: FOPS (aka, dandies with impossibly long, blond hair that makes lesser women squeal with gooey delight), Stereotypes, Cliche Endings, Weak Female Characters in Literature (I can't stand damsels in distress. Get a backbone. Or a pulse.), Energy drinks, Horror Movies (for the most part), Ninjas, Racial Slurs, Cattiness, Rap/R&B, Hatred, Gossip Girl-type books, Hardcore Smut (there must be a reason for it, people, not just to be gratifyingly outrageous), Intolerance, Closed-Mindedness, Star Wars (I don't understand, dang it! Maybe if someone educated me...), Cake, etc.. (or rather, to make this list no longer than my likes...)

Tune in for updates on my published (or lack thereof) works!

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