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Bob Roberts II

Yes, hello there. Bob Roberts II here. This is the boring about me portion of my profile. Feel free to skip, my feelings won't be hurt.

What About Bob?

Well, first off my penname stems from my account: Sideshow Bob Roberts. Look me up if you want. Now my real name is...not going to be said. Sorry. As for my age, well also not going to be said. If you don't like it, too bad! Okay, so a general description of me. Well, I enjoy watching movies and television, maybe a little too much. I can pretty much quote the entire Austin Powers series or all of AladdinI have a weakness for Disney movies. Well, anything that is pre-2000 or so, mostly. Not that newer junk they have out there. Some things are good, just not as good as Aladdin or Nightmare Before Christmas. I also enjoy being random. Very random. Boop.

I love to write, usually fanfiction. But now I'm here and trying my hand at original stuff. Fun! My favorite kind of story is a humorous one. Comedy, thy name is Bob. But recently my stories are taking a darker, more serious turn. Not a bad thing, but very interesting for me.

Tv For Me!

My favorite shows...oh sooooooo many!! iCarly is definitely my favorite. Also my favorite fandom to write for. Simpsons is a close second and also my second favorite fandom to write for. Again, humor is the genre of choice. Scrubs is a great show and my next fandom to go into. But hey, this isn't supposed to be about, is it? Let's get back on topic here.


So, I love forums. With a passion.

I have recently deleted my last co-op writing forum, but I shall return with a sparkly new forum sometime in the future.

A Look...Into The Future

For me, there is a Superhero story in the works. Actually, a lot of them. I already have a sequel in mind for a story that isn't even near done. And I have ideas and ideas and ideas for more of them. Fun fun!

And I have a fairytale in the works. And a spin-off story starring two of the smaller characters exploring the world and getting into trouble wherever they go.

As for my bio, I'll be putting more stuff here so keep checking back for more Bob-tastic fun!

All The Best,

Bob Roberts II