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There is a girl

Who writes her ideas on walls

Who can't make up her mind

When she jumps around she occasionally falls

When she curses, she gets fined

When she plays games

Whether with boards, mats or hearts

She'll always win

Because that's just her, Jen.

That's, like, one of my most favorite poems I've ever written.

Yeah. I like it.


The Third of the Fifth Month of the Two-Thousand and Tenth Year.

So, I've been gone for over a year. So sorry about that guys. But now that school is coming to an end and summer will be starting up soon, I'll be putting up more things. Enjoy the newest one shot I put up, Fallen.


Earth to Elizabeth: Elizabeth has a problem. She knows she does and she's okay with that. You see, Elizabeth can't just settle for something. For her everything has to be perfect. This isn't anything like OCD and it's over and beyond perfectionism. Elizabeth wants someone who can keep her entertained, someone who doesn't insult her, someone who is perfect.

My Suicidal Teddy Bear: I thought he was just another teddy bear to add to my collection. Little did I know he was alive... or suicidal.

One Shots:

Summer Sunscreen: Renee has a horrible sunburn and even worse morals.

And She Makes Me Smile: Ricky. He's completely innocent in his choice.

In a Dark Room: They made a mistake. But she wants an apology.

Opposing Her: Addie is cursed with an overly perky step mother.

The Ride: John Miller, a hitchhiker, meets Bill, the lonely truck driver.

Fallen: Luke is falling from God's graces.

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I watched as he took the pencil, pulled the front of his pants open, and dropped the pencil in. “I hope that didn’t go in your boxers.” “It did,” He said, grinning. I sighed. There was no way I wanted it anymore. On HIATUS indefinitely.
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