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Name: Desiree Kissinger

Age: 16

I have a facebook and a myspace, though I'm on facebook more often...so add me as your friend. I'll mostly be using facebook.

I've been writing since seventh grade. I live in the US and writing is my passion. I was adopted at eight and I think that's why I write. I don't really know what to write so I'm just going to give background on my stories.

Always Danger- is no more. I have rewritten this story and renamed it Always Danger: Soul Mates. Please read it and give me feedback...I want to know if there's anything I should change, so please READ & REVIEW!!

Enemies, Friends, or Lovers- I know that a lot of people have read this story, and I got a lot of feedback but I decided to take it off and rewrite it...I will repost it soon. And when I do I hope that a lot of people read it.

A Girl's Cry- sadly not many people are reading this so I don't know whether or not to continue it...please R&R if you please!!

A Sister's Fire- I really need some suggestions on this story. I don't know what you all want to happen so please R&R!!

Protecting the Virgin Mary- If you have any demonic sounding names, or unusual names please tell me, I need more demons in the story but I can't find any names.

Run To Me- this story is at a road block...tell me if you have any suggestions on it.

Strawberry Wine-I don't know where this story is going please R&R

Angel- This story is coming along fairly well...

Taming A Lioness Nothing really to say about this one.

The Danger of Bloodlust- Personally I like this story even if not many people are reading it...the chapters are going to get longer and stuff so don't fret about that if that's what's turning you away from it. PLease R&R

Where Are You Now?- Just started writing this one again...it's really different than the other stories I've written...please tell me what you think. R&R!

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