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Ashayla Grace Mage.
Born into a family of strict slavers, Ash has all the makings of a bad ass boss and its EXACTLY what she has become. Owner of 'Club Static', she is actively working under the table in dealings of slaves and other illegal substances. Though she is caught up in some less the desirable work, she is quite lovable...If you can step past her rough outer shell. This tough Neko has quite the little temper and isnt afraid to snap her workers and even her customers into their place, though most often the brunt of her blows are landed on the males that enter her club.

Autymn Leigh Graiv
The lovely Neko princess of the group, Autymn is exactly what little girls are made of. Far from little and much more then just a girl, she is the peace maker of the group. Her lithe body has been in the business of dancing, Bringing Ashayla and her together as good friends when she was hired on for the Club. A sweetheart all around, she has fallen completely in love with on Ace Lionheart and he with her as well.

Ace Lionheart
Once an imperial guard, Events lead this striking fellow to the doors of Club Static and into the heart of Autymn. Though hers is the only heart that holds him. He has far from found favor in the eyes of his boss and her right hand man, both out to get him from the moment he steps into the door. Rarely do they let up on him and it is only for the sake of Autymn that he is even allowed to show his face. The poor male tries his best to find light in their darkened impressions of him but the fear he holds of Ashayla and the hate he has for her right hand man, lead to more and more reasons for them both to pick on him to no end.

Caden Spaar
Ashayla's Right hand man and the ever obnoxious one of the bunch. Chosen by his boss for his obvious detest of Ace, They are often caught bickering and fighting for both their egos are much too big to be held in the same place. Normally Ash pulls out on top but from time to time, Caden strikes up the last word sending them both huffing and puffing to their go-tos. A treasure hunter a heart, his rough exterior helps with Ash's image of rough and tough bumbling guys to do her bidding.

Innocence found its package in Ash's beloved young slave. Almost always silent, her conversation rarely exceeds beyond her bright eyed stares and nudges followed by a few words. She was taken in by Ash years and years ago and has found her place close to Ashayla's heart where few have managed to be. Most times she gets punished by Ash for her 'mess up's and one may get the impression that Miana is very poorly taken care of, but quite the contrary. She is very happy where she is in Ashayla's household and is never treated below the standards. It is far from rare to see the slave naked as a new born babe, Wearing clothes only when commanded by her Mistress. She is the adorable comedy in the mesh, often bringing smiles with her curiosity and youthfulness.

And those are the main characters for 'Static'!

Hope you like them and keep reading on to new chapters!

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