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Name: Xavier

Favorite color: Bloodred mixed with black

Abilities: Able to mimick voices can sometimes dream the future and predicts when stuff could happen to someone, also a quick learner.

Personality: Likes to make jokes about anything to ease stress or tension, will do anything for loyal friends and also prefers to gentle music instead of heavy, does not like to see friends in trouble with themselves or others and will try to help. I trust my close friends more then anyone else and would willingly save them if I could. If there is a storm, I will walk out in it to just feel refreashed and at peace with the world. Although I sometimes make my friends angry, I try to set it right and hope that I am forgiven for it.

What i do on my spare time: Like to chat with my friends, read a good book, sometimes write or draw, and role playing is now one of the things i like to do.