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I was pretty determined on this website not to reveal too much about myself...but then the more I thought about it, I realized that everything that I write just screams me. The stories that I post and will post here are either excerpts from my life or fantasies of experiences that I wish I'd had or could have. In everything I write, there is someone based on me--sometimes I'm the main character and sometimes I'm peripheral...sometimes I'm the unattainable romantic interest or the amazing lover.

There was a time when I would have only placed myself in my own writing as the main character, amazed with someone else, pining over some beautiful woman in a bar...whatever. Those angsty teenage years when I saw nothing in myself worth writing about are gone now...because I understand now that everyone has qualities that make them attractive to others. Especially within the lesbian community (in my experience, anyway), there is so much more to the art of dating and attraction than what is on the surface. So many subtle nuances attract one woman to another, whether it be in a club or at work or at the grocery store--it doesn't matter. Those subtle things are what I try to capture in my writing; the small details that make any given situation special or electric or exciting; because that is real.

Yes, we're writing fiction here...but fiction is so often based upon real life and that is what my writing is. I pull from my life, from my friends' lives, from all my experiences as well as from my own imagination--what would I like to experience based on what I've already seen in the world? My writing is about life. I may be a realist, but if you read everything I write I think you'll notice the subtle undertones of hope, even in the darker, angst-ridden work that includes drugs, sex, and sometimes vulgar language. I'm telling the truth but I'm striving for beauty in it, looking for the reasons that we are so unique and the reasons that love and attraction and sex drive us so powerfully toward--and sometimes away from--one another.

I understand that not everyone is going to like my work, and that's fine. There may even be multiple reasons they may not like it--the drugs, the sex, the language, the situations, the fact that all the characters in my love/lust stories are women...I totally identify with feeling uncomfortable reading about those things. I don't have problems with anyone who doesn't like what I'm writing; I only ask that if you don't like it you don't read it. Do not continue reading my work only to have an excuse to flame me in some scathing review or send me some nasty private message--I understand if you stumble upon my stories on accident and are offended, but I'm not down with people deliberately being mean just because I'm different than them.

But for anyone who does like what they're reading, thanks. Much appreciated. Message me anytime, I'm always looking for penpals. This seems like as good a place as any to meet new friends, because if you like what I'm writing then you like who I am a little bit already--like I said, my writing describes who I am, in one fashion or another.

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