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About me. Hm. Okay. Well, I'm a fairly boring person. I love to read, write, etc. as long as it isn't non-fiction. That bores me. If I wanted something real, I'd go run around outside or something. People think I'm nerdy because I read so much, but if they have nothing better to do with their own lives than judge my friends and me, then they can go shove it.

I like reading a lot of things, but I stick mainly to romance and fantasy. If they're combined, all the better. This is probably why any story of mine will contain both. I don't, however, normally read teen fiction/young adult. There are some authors out there that write those that can interest me, like Tamora Pierce, but if its the type of book in which all the characters care and/or talk about is how fat they are or how hot some guy is, I don't see the need to lose any IQ points. Those are valuable, you know?


A Touch of Crimson

Teagan Reynolds is a Homicide cop in Phoenix, Arizona. When she goes out clubbing one night to celebrate an unexpected day off, her entire life changes. Because, as she leaves the club early, she witnesses a fight. A fight that turned out to be to the death. And she is thrown into the middle of a world she doesn't understand. A world full of vampires.

Enter Lucan O'Connell. He's one of those vampires. He's also the oldest of an Irish/Scottish coven invented solely for the purpose of protecting others. When someone he loves is brutally murdered while he is distracted with saving someone else (Guess who?), he goes on the warpath. He vows vengeance on the murderers. But along the way, the anger at the murderers is mixed with love...for Teagan.

Click on the story to see what happens!! R&R!!

Dark Shift (Yay!! I've decided that the title is staying as is. What can I say? It's grown on me...)

That was a lot of parentheses, wasn't it? Right, sorry. Anyway.

Riann Elizabeth Parris. That's the name that I picked for myself, anyway. See, I woke up nearly 500 years ago in Northern Ireland. I had no idea who the hell I was. But I did know that I was capable of changing my form into any possible animal shape, and I had magical powers.

I'm Tristan Maguire. Best of the best in the King's Army in my homeland of Emra. No, you've never heard of it. You would classify it as "fantasy." Stupid stereotypical humans. But I was sent to find a missing Warrior, and, though it took me centuries, I finally did it. Only, I didn't realize that when I did find her, I would have to save her, and continue to over and over again. Because her life was in mortal danger, and had been for quite a while.


Ahhh...I've finally found pics of people that sort of work for my two favorite main characters!! YAY!! There's also one for Kade, since he's so important. As the story goes on and we meet more of the coven, I'll add some pics of them, too. So, with the one for Teagan, picture her with blue eyes, and less...provocative (for lack of a more diplomatic word, lol), and for Lucan, just picture him a little older and (let's face it) slightly more hot in picture. And lastly, Kade. Picture this Kade older, and without curly hair...Sadly, it's the only pic I could find that even came close. These all came from If you're looking for pics, check it out!!

--Teagan Reynolds

--Lucan O'Connell

--Kade Matthews (Unfortunately, the Kade of my mind looked quite different, but I take what I can get, and this was the closest. Damn.)

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