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Hey!! Catrina Moore speaking!

Right now I'm working on My First Kiss And Other Tragic Tales. I have been a little flighty about updating and wanted to finish in March. Well obviously that didn't happen. So I started talking to my dad about publishing, since he has gotten one of his published and is currently working on a mystery novel. In the end, I decided that I will be publishing it, so in that case I am not sure I will be posting the whole thing. :/ Sorry guys. So far, everything i have written, you've seen so :) If you would like to contact me, you can just email me at catrina@! I also have a youtube account; TheCatrinaMoore. I would love to hear from you. Also dont be afraid to criticize my work. It's a first draft so i need as much help as possible. Thanks!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its taking me so long to finish chapters lately!! I have been INCREDIBLY busy with school and do plan to finish my story. Please dun stop reading and Please review my story!! I LOVE reviews and they make me the happiest girl ever! If I make a spelling error, or something is confusing PLEASE put that in reviews, that stuffs important! =)


-The main character, Liz, is based on me and I always imagined her to look a lot like me.

-All of the stories at the beginning of chapter 2 are real stories that my family members have done.

-I do have an older brother, but his name isn't David.

-Ellen is a bit of a mix of all of my friends.

-Ryan is just my dream guy, because he's pretty awesome, if you haven't already figured that out.

-Ashley is a made up character.

-Daisy is one of my favorite characters ever, she's just got that edge that I LOVE. I also based her a little bit on my cousin Emily, who went through a phase where she would only say "I know" if you told her anything, even when she didn't. I asked her one day why she said i know so much, and she said back "I don't know" That was a first. She is also one tough cookie (sorry I just like saying that) and I love her very much.

-And Matthew Frank is based on my first boyfriend (unfortunately). He wasn't nearly as bad as Matthew Frank, but after breaking up with him I realized what a jerk he was. I also had my first kiss with him, but I don't count it (it was just a peck on the lips!)

Things that really have happened to me in My First Kiss And Other Tragic Tales:

-I do really play pokemon, and have a poster in my room (tehehe)

-All we get in my house is healthy whole weat stuff. (Beginning of chapter 3)

-I'm the best at cooking pancakes, if i do say so myself ;) (Chap. seven)

-There is a cute guy in my gym class, but likes trouble. (Arron chap. 4)

-I really don't like high school musical (Chap. 6)

-Two weeks notice is probably one of my favorite movies of all times (Chapter 7)

-Johnny Depp is hot in pirates of the Caribbean (Chapter 1)

-There was a girl on my soccer team who I really didn't like. She also did have a bug on her, but didn't freak out because she never noticed, I was hoping she would and have the same reaction as Ashley did (eeheh I know I'm terrible) (Chap. 14)

-Ryan's gecko, Gev, is actually based on my gecko, Carl, (named after my grandpa) and I do feed him with tong like objects (not toaster tongs though) (Chap. 15)

-Mocha chip is one of my favorite ice cream flavors (Chap. 2 and 14)

-I had a really stupid girl in my history class (Chelsea)

K thats all I remember of the top of my head! =D

My FAVORITE books right now are

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER! By sarah dessen. look it up really.

Twilight! Sorry twilight haters

All the books in the Mediator Series by Meg Cabot

The Georgia Nicolson Series by Louise Rennison

I really like the book Someone Like you by Sarah Dessen

I LOVE mangas and have wasted a LOT of my time & money on them (not to sayI'm not please with my decision to spend so much time and money on them) which would make sense becuase i also love to draw, one of the many things I do to pass the time in classes that I don't like such as; Spanish and Social Studies. I also (obviously) really like to write, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this right now. I also have to say playing pokemon is fun, and yes you have no idea how many people have asked "Arent you a little bit old to be playing pokemon?" I dont like most people that ask me this. They have an Im-to-cool-and-mature-to-play-pokemon attitude which kinda bugs me.


-Catrina Moore

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