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HIIII! THIS IS ANGIE . My friend Monica and I have opened this account to display some of our most random stories that we write together =D Some things you might notice when reading is that we both have really twisted minds that some of you might be afraid of first, BUT NO WORRIES =D Because I guarantee you will laugh at some of the things we write. Lots of our stories have inside jokes but we try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to understand. A little about me, I like cheese, chocolate, candy, pocky, cute things, pocky, writing and reading, pocky, making friends, pocky, biking, pocky, badminton, ping pong, and POCKY =D Hope you guys like our stories!!


Hi, I'm Monica, and the one above me is the crazier and more hyper active one. We've been working together since December, when one of our stories was supposed to be her Christmas present. It's a shame I never finished typing it out for her XD So then we decided to post her present and other stories on this account. Like Angie said, we have a lot of inside jokes in our story, but we try to make it funny anyways. Later on, you'll probably see that our stories have no plot, and is just random humor. Even still, we hope that you'll read them and enjoy them as we did writing them. Thanks :)

I like all the things she likes. With the exception of a couple of things, and I'm not as obsessed with Pocky as she is =) And I like my pillow

We have a DA account with our covers. There will also be random pictures of our characters (if we feel like it). You can check it out if you want.


We have 2 new stories!! One being Hot for Summers, Cool for Winters, and the other being My Messed Up Summer. With those two, we now have 8 stories :) Please review and tell us what you think about it! Constructive critcisim is nice, but if you didn't like it, please don't just say "it sucked, omfg, you need to learn to write better." Instead, please tell us WHY it sucked and how we can improve so that it doesn't suck next time. Thank you.


It's done and over with. We're happy to say that it's fully COMPLETE!! So yes, please enjoy reading it. We still want reviews @.@

High School Drama:

It's the sequel to May, but you didn't really have to read the first story to get this one. There's a short summary in this of the first story. So yeah, please read and review!We're happy to say that it's finally COMPLETE!

Nothing Says 'I Love You' More than Slavery:

This is a romance story and has nothing to do with our other stories :D It's a whole new thing. I(Angie) was dared to write a romantic cliche from one of my friends. My other friends Monica and Daria have helped me along the way to try and complete this story. It's COMPLETE so please read it and review!

Our friend, Daria, wrote a prequel to this story, following Airadi's life. You can find it here:

UPDATE: We wrote a sequel to this story, titled: "Hot for Summers, Cool for Winters" Please check that out and review. We hope you enjoy it and that it's just as popular as the original :D

The Attack of the Saucepan:

This was a random oneshot that we wrote and it's posted up, so we would really like some reviews . We dedicated the entire story to our most loyal reader and reviewer: Lover.of.Sleep. She is also a character in the story and we really hope she enjoys it. :D

Grasping Reality:

To all you random humor/romance fans, go read this story now! We noticed how a lot of the readers here seem to like romance so we wrote another one. Check it out, and review please! It is now COMPLETE!! Thanks to all you read and reviewed! You all rock!

Star-Crossed Stupidity:

A modern parody of the original play "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare. We replaced the names with more common ones and changed the setting to Maple, Canada. xD Hope you all enjoy it and please review! It's a one shot and I guess that immediately makes it COMPLETE!

Hot for Summers, Cool for Winters:

The SEQUEL to "Nothing Says 'I Love You' More Than Slavery" is out now!! Sorry if it took a while, but we were busy with school and started working on it at the end of the break :) It is the continuation of May's and James' relationship, but with a new character added into the picture >:D Hope you guys like it!

Update - 23/06/2012 - At this moment, this story is in HIATUS. I (Angie) have lost a lot of the inspiration for this Dx BUT, you never know! Maybe Monica will kick my butt into continue writing it again. I'm just happy with the first story and felt like that was enough. This sequel feels a bit bleh. Let us know what you think!

My Messed Up Summer:

A romance/humor story about a girl named Tessa Rose and butthead Joe Hunter >:D Basically, it's your typical cliche, but a bit different in some ways. Check it out and you might be surprised =D coughJASONcough

Update 23/06/2012 - This story is also in HIATUS. But no worries! There's a bigger chance that we will continue this one :D


Updated 23/06/2012

Untitled (but nicknamed 'Sweet') - Angie's solo story. It's another humor/romance but this one is actually going really well :D 10 chapters done already! BUT, will not be posted until it is fully completed so we don't end up with any more stories that are hiatus. Hehe...

Untitled - Monica's solo story. Can't tell you much about it but it has something to do with Alice in Wonderland :D

Alternate Dimension - Not a set title. Pretty much a suspense/humor story about alternate dimensions and time travel. (Monica - STOP LYING TO THEM!) I'M NOT LYING D: Okay, so maybe the time travel part isn't true, but it's more alternate universe. Most likely going to be a one-shot/two-shot. Maybe three if we're feeling it ;D

Grey Matter - Government agency thingie about experiments and crap.'ll get to it soon. We promise you it's gonna be awesome :D hopefully...if we get around to it. Check back!


All the covers we have uploaded for our stories are compilations of images we have found online. We do not own any of the images used and have not created or drawn them. We have only merged a bunch of images together to form one cover. Soo, DON'T SUE US :D

Full close-ups of the covers can be found on deviant art at:


We're very sorry about the lack of activity. It's just that school is giving us a lot of things to do, and it doesn't help that Angie (who's writing the next chapter for Hot for Summers, Cool for Winters) has no motivation to continue writing. So the lack of updates is her fault :)

Also, stuff with university has really got us both busy and since we go to different ones, we haven't gotten much time to collab together. BUT, IT IS NOW SUMMER SO EXPECT OUR COMEBACK! =D

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