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For those of you who don't know me, I'm a writer by the same ID on, striving to better my skills as a hopeful author while looking for a story that I can enjoy writing in addition to having a solid plot line with good characters. I've recently decided to quit fanfiction and start working on original fiction full time. In spite of this, I am available for communication on both sites for those that want to talk.

To date, the purpose of this account is to post work that I have that didn't make the cut or to test out new ideas as I get them. All thoughts on them, be it in plot, development (character and story), grammar, and other criticism are welcome so that I may improve. Future updates to stories will vary depending on how much material I have for it, whether or not I wish to continue it, and what version the story is (as some have two to three drafts, necessitating some careful looking through in some cases).

I hope that you will enjoy my work, and that I can provide you with an enjoyable story.




Anonymous Reviews for: Blood Under any Morning Star, chapter 1

Guest: I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: The M Legacy: Masks, chapter 30

Type: Heh. Maybe Adam meant Monique and maybe he didn't. Only time will tell. ;P

Romana Pax is but one unseen flaw, and Adam did mean other things, some of which was hinted at during Jamie's 'surgery'. ;P Teruo may also be an unseen flaw.

I may be biased, but I'm going to say that the pacing is faster. The second draft, Icon, didn't even reach the halfway point at 36 chapters with the Romana Pax plot, while the third draft finished it off in 30. Don't know how much world building was sacrificed (if at all), but Jamie and Kira's relationship definitely suffered as a result. I'll be looking to correct that in the fourth draft, though it might be something that will likely be expanded on in the sequel.

No worries. Your grammar was perfectly readable and your review is very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read my story and providing some thoughts. :)

Anonymous Reviews for: The M Legacy: Masks, chapter 30

Type: Good wow? Bad wow? Either way, thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: The M Legacy: Masks, chapter 24

Type: Sure seems that way. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: Blood Under any Morning Star, chapter 1

Willfullcookie: Glad I could surprise you. Thanks for the review. :)

Anonymous Reviews for: The M Legacy, chapter 18

Guest: Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: The M Legacy, chapter 16

Type: Guess we'll see what Jamie is capable of as the story develops. :P

At the moment I don't want to give the impression that anyone is really a 'bad guy'. They all have their reasons for doing things; some of which seem like good reasons to them in their own minds. It will be questionable of course, but that's politics.

Weird. I could have sworn that I mentioned how old Jamie and Kira are in earlier chapters. I'll have to go back through again and double check. At the very least it's implied that they're both in middle school.

Nah, this is a completely different Planet Pol from the one in the previous draft. This one is more like a UN organization whereas the CHC is more local.

Glad you're starting to enjoy the story, and thanks for the review. :)


Anonymous Reviews for: The M Legacy, chapter 11


I don’t mind that you were frustrated. After all, enjoying a story is an emotional investment and to have it dropped while at an interesting point, as you said, is problematic. For me though, it was taking too long to get where I wanted the story to be, and some of the plot points and characters weren’t mature enough in their development to justify their inclusion (such as Adam Bishop and even Jamie and Kira to a lesser extent). Additionally, some bits either refused to move, or went in the wrong direction that distracted from the main plot for too long (such as the final scene I left off at). That is a bit sloppy on my part and I needed to rework things. Trust me, when it took as long as I did to get where I should have been chapters and chapters ago in Icon—even factoring in subplots and character development—I’m doing something wrong.

I can agree with you that time skips are a bit annoying (not much of a fan of them myself), but for me it helped speed things up, which was crucial to the pacing (note, pacing isn’t just day-by-day events, it’s the speed at which those events move without being jarring in their rapidity, or overstaying their welcome) and smoothing out various plot bumps in the road. It also freed me up to explore some aspects of the characters. As you noted, Jamie and Kira were both brought into the story more, which was a bit harder to do in the previous story (at chapter 31 I still did not have a full grasp on Jamie’s character or how to properly include any clues into the story—not a good sign).

Your grammar and ranting looked fine to me, so no worries. XD It was also an excellent review, thank you. :)


Anonymous Reviews for: Icon, chapter 36

Type: Icon is currently being rewritten under the story The M Legacy: Masks. All further updates will be there. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: Icon, chapter 27

Guest: Thanks for catching the mistakes. I thought I was thorough about my edits before uploading but clearly that was not the case. And no, the 'Dai' nickname was not intentional. Sorry about that, and thanks again for catching it. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous Reviews for: Hero Realm, chapter 13

Guest: Haha. In all honesty there's a lot about this story that's very prototype. A lot of the concepts and ideas weren't very well nailed down, which explains a great deal of its problems and plot juggling (I have a habit of doing multiple plots at once). Presently I'm working on a streamlined version on titled 'Icon'.

The comic book allusions are very purposeful, so I'm glad you caught the nod to Spiderman. Once I become a bit more settled with my style and back to writing regularly I'll come back to this version and see if I can't straighten it out some. Until then, thanks for the review. :)

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