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clock: July 30th, 2009; 1:15 p.m.
noise: "Royal We" by The Silversun Pickups


Right, so an update on my writing life. Well, I'm still writing. As a matter of fact I'm still writing 'Cheers'. Anyway, I've been reading Cheers and I've realized that 'Cheers' isn't turning out the way I want it to be. So it's going to be on Hiatus, and I'm going to put it write. Anyway, my plans are;

a. To finish writing it all up once and for all.

b. to re-edit it

c. lasty, i'll post it.

Sorry for taking this long. But I just feel the reason why i'm not getting much feedback is basically because it's not that good. And I know this story has potential, I just need to write it out the way I see it in my head. And to do that, I need this to all be on hiatus.



'We can laugh about it now
We hope everything works out
Be careful how you lick your wounds
Believe that change is coming soon'


clock: August 16th , 2008; 2:05 p.m.
noise: "Don't Be So Hard" by theAUDITION

Hi guys.

As you can see I'm not in my usual hyper mood. I'm just here to tell you guys that I'll be off of here for a while. I need to figure out my 'Cheers' story. I don't think I've planned it well enough and by the amounts of reviews I'm getting, I think you fioctionpressers think the same. I need to re-vamp it. I've also lost my interest in 'Cheers' a little and so I need to find my muse again. Wish me luck!

Thank to all my reviewers, LoveIsOld-LoveIsNew, simpleplan13, Aaya, XxInDreamsWeRestxX, Mazze, The Toothpaste Fiend, Koki Enwai, and KH.Lee for reviewing. I don't think I thanked you guys, so I just want to thank you now. I love you all (Though, not in any sexual type of way)

Seee you later.


P.S. I'm still doing reviews, so if you want me to review your stories. Then I will be glad to.

P.P.S. The song below is dedicated to a person I know. To be specific, the girl is actually based in 'Cheers', an I'm happy to say that I've officially been exonerated and vindicated from her. This song is my conclusion of how I feel about her. If this girl ever reads this (which I'm sure she won't): I don't need you or your bitchy comments. It's funny how long it's taken me to realise that and funnily enough I needed my own fictionial characters to show this! So, it wasn't nice to meet you; and I hope life bites you in the ass. Regards, CJ.

'Don't think too hard about it
You never thought I'd get this far
Would get this far without you
Relax, stand back, and watch it happen
I'll wave my goodbyes into the night and say...'


clock: Novemer 17th , 2008; 11:15 p.m.
noise: "Don't Be So Hard" by theAUDITION


I'm not making this long. I Just wanted to let you guys know that I am a live and have recnetly crawled out of my little hole that I dug a few months ago called 'school'. I'm also afraid to say not much progress has been made on 'Cheers' but I have a one-shot churning it way out any moment now: you can probably expect it on the 6th of December as that's when I come home (YAY!). There's also been a lot of ideas running through my head, and I have officially decided that I'm going to start two new stories, but this doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to be updating at the rate poop comes out of a normal person's butt (-which should be every day, unless if you have diarrhoea or constipation...). Anyway - that's all I really have to say until I get home. Then we can really have fun, muahaha!

I also need to find a beta for my stories, if you guys have any good betas feel free to PM me so I can have the bestest sotries in the whole expanding universe!

Love from,


"And if you think i've gone too long
Listen the sky will sing this song
As it burns up all the memories
That flow like water out of me"


clock: January 23rd , 2009; 8:00 p.m.
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Hey Guys, (no overdone foreign languages today)

Just here to say I posted a chapter up because I'm really jaded, and this is my attempt to make me feel better. It's not going so good so far. Maybe I should stop listening to Emo music...



"I tell myself that I know,
but I'll never know more than your name."


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