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Wow, I haven't been on here in a long, long, long time. Really. Over a year? I'm fifteen now, anyway, going through some drama, made some new friends, fighting to keep the old, and still loving life even when it's being a bitch. I spend much more time on fanfiction. Lots of little oneshots there. My username is SeEmYaWeSoMeNeSs and, yes, I am a bit obsessed with UlquiHime. Or was. I still love it but I am no longer obsessed.

I have changed... So much. Really. It's absolutely ridiculous and the cause of most of the drama in my life. The rest of it is boys.

Why does romance exist in real life? And love triangles. Really. I'm glad I keep to myself and don't have to deal with it but my dear friend has recently got a boyfriend and, ugh, his best friend and just pfft. No, that doesn't make much sense but it does to me. Drama, dears, is only ever fun in fiction. In real life, it is a pain.


Lance: Is that, dare I ask, a book? When was the last time you touched one of those, Desta? The ice age?
- From Blank, not real life. Obviously a character that doesn't like reading is going to be teased by her brother for having a book.

Killian: So far and yet so close away.
- I was on the swings and on the phone with Emily Sliger and I meant to say 'so close yet so far away' and messed up and this has stuck.

Jerry: That was singing? I thought the cat was dying back there.
- That was my dad talking about my singing in the car. I was a little offended but this was a moment where he actually joked with me so I was more happy than upset.

Killian: What in the name of fanfiction is that?
- Hahah, once I said this I was like "Holy crap, I spend way too much time on there."

Stephanie: I realized after I had the third that two was my limit.
- My mom talking about me and my younger siblings. She says it quite a bit.

Killian: The illusion of a normal and an average was created by mankind to both control others into their vision of perfection and by their fear of the unfamiliar and unexplainable.
- I still believe it, too. Humans are so silly, don't ya think?

Emily P: Dogs have whiskers? Nuh uh! You're lying!
- I had to show her my dog for her to believe it. The next thing was "Bunnies don't have whiskers!" when I offhandedly mentioned it.

Emily S: No lady, I don't want your stinking popcorn!
- This was said in her sleep. Her mom told her about it.

Emily P: The other day, I realized I couldn't walk and open a mint wrapper at the same time. Is that normal?
- Oh, Emy, we love you.

Emily S: It's good that you're both coming over to my house tonight because every time we get together the people in China get to see rainbows.
- We have this thing about China and rainbows and such and it makes perfect sense if you've heard our conversations. xDD

Emily P: Lethal Weapons? This is your notebook alright.
- Haha, yeah, I have a little notebook with that on the cover.

Killian: You think I'm crazy, but see, I'm really the most sane person you know.
- Insanity is the truest form of sanity! Well, some forms of insanity. Some forms are really insane.

Emily S: I think Mariah's making up her allergies to citrus... 'Cuz she drinks a lot of milk.
Emily P: Milk has citrus in it?
Emily S:Yeah... Wait! No!
- Hahahaha, when they told me about this conversation, I cracked up. This is so them.

Killian: We're so hot we're cold!
- This quote originally came from 'He's so cold, he's hot.' which we made into 'Edward's so hot, he's cold.' and finally became this. XP And no, we don't like Edward. We were making fun of the fangirls. Sorry gals.

Killian: I'll eat you! ...Alive! ...With a-a-a pickle!
- My threats aren't very scary I've heard.


Killian: I... I... Played spin the bottle? And got hickeys? I'd never do that now. It's gross.
Ollie: You didn't. Your alter ego did.
Killian: But it's gross. My alter ego is grounded! Even though mom was all "I know you're embarrassed and blah blah". I say no. Grounded.
- There's a game online where you have a new timeline and my person went and played spin the bottle and yeah, so this was my reaction.

Brooke: Caitlyn and I have just established that I get James from Pokemon because she doesn't think he's a stud. I think he's a stud. Albeit a purple-haired crossdressing one.
Killian: I find him more adorable in a 'must protect innocent manchild' way but okay. I give you my blessing.
Brooke: Nobody shares my taste in men.
- Ah, Brooke, gotta love her. Caitlyn is Ollie's real name, by the way.

Killian: Get soup in my--xDD I SHALL!
- Ollie and I have some interesting ways of saying good night sometimes. xDD

Killian: I shall now shower.
Ollie: Okay. Do you know the drill?
Killian: Yep. No soup in eyes, no drowning, no slipping.
Ollie: Good. Take it to heart! And don't forget!
Killian: Soap.
Killian: Soap.
Ollie: No soup in eyes.
- Dang typos. Oh well, it's started a rather humorous tradition now.

“Talking is for the weak,” said Shiro, blah blah. “Using more than five words in a sentence is for the weak, too.” Ignore the fact that he just used more than five words in a sentence.
- Ollie. Gotta love her. (She wrote that as a joke.)

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