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I figured it was time to update my profile properly, so, here I am. I write because I enjoy it, not necessarily because I'm good at it. But I would like to get better. Because of that, I welcome constructive criticism with open arms. Seriously, if I'm doing something severely wrong-- tell me. Why? Because I'm still a noob. I have no issues admitting that. I'm very likely to take what you say and apply it the best I can. And no, you won't hurt my feelings.

The stories posted here are my first and only attempts at first person narration. I'm used to writing in the third. It's likely that I'll be reverting back to that in the future. A couple of the stories I have planned would be better suited for it, I think.

Um, I don't know what else to say. I like funny? I'm a dork. Like most people here, I enjoy reading. I try to review everything I read here on FP, because how else are the authors suppose to know what you think? So try to spread the love a little, and review some of the stuff you read. No, I don't just mean my stuff (even though that would be nice too, haha), but whatever you read in general.

-UPDATE- 7/16/11

So... does anybody read profiles? If so, this is aimed at you lol. I'm not dead and neither is Hard Boiled Eggs. Sorry it's been so long! The truth is I'm not happy with the story and I'm currently re-writing it. I'm not going to post it up until it's COMPLETELY finished. The main problem is that over the course of two years both the idea and my writing style have changed. I tried forcing myself to finish the current version, but the chapters just kept getting shorter, the mistakes bigger, and the author unhappier. So that is the reason for me re-writing it before I even finished the one that's currently up. The good news is that it should be done 1-2 months from now, and when it IS finished it'll be posted up twice a week without fail.

Thank you SO much for continuing to read even with my lack of updates. It means the world to me. I only hope some people will continue to hang on for the new version. There won't be any major changes to the story. The concept and relationships will be essentially the same. The depth, pacing, and writing style will be slightly different. I'm hoping to produce a better story overall. Again, thank you for reading. It shouldn't be too much longer.

-That's all for the update-

Name: Streudel for now. I feel weird about posting my real name.

Age: -sigh- Old enough to be out of school, young enough to still be scared of my mother. But somehow I don't think that will ever change ( she's nice... just terrifying.)

Obsessions: Video games and horror movies. Do I daresay-- horror video games?!

Likes: Quirky people, cartoons, random information, music, chocolate & banana milkshakes, and almost anything with blueberries (strudel!)

Dislikes: Arrogance, prejudice, the cold, brussels sprouts, bugs, and sports (most of them at least)

Pointless information: I'm insanely klutzy. If you think there's no way anyone can hurt themselves with something, chances are- I can! It's sad at times.

That's about it for now. So... later!

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