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obviously not!!


When life gives you lemons, make grape soda and let the world wonder how you did it...

Sooo who is this mysterious Liz of whom you speak...?

Hey everyone!! I'm Liz, otherwise known as ideal Japanese name if I weren't a blond teenager living in the United States...

What the heck is her name?: Liz (wishing it were Amaterasu...but your parents can only be so considerate after you've been...ahem... pushed out)

How old is this crazy girl?: specific that I am going to get!!

Where is Liz (not so i can stalk her or anything)?: somewhere in the US... I don't want any stalkers here!

What does she look like?: A little longer than shoulder length blond hair (recently got two pink streaks! YESS!), my eyes change color but theyre normally blue, not very tall but my other features make up for that...and not my feet... JUST PLAIN FABULOUS, I WORK MY GROOVITUDE


Fav Music?: Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Lady Sovereign, NO DOUBT!!... stuff like that (SOUNDTRACKS SOUNDTRACKS SOUNDTRACKS!!;)

She likes: pink, my hair, lacrosse, cheese popcorn, field hockey, writing, transformers, pickle chips, ONIGIRI IS MY LIFE!!, my iPod mini, aloe vera gel, nail polish, eyeliner, flipping people off, splatter painting, writing, acting, putting makeup on other people, and drawing

She doesnt like: ...well...somepeople... but... yeah..., my parents, math, anything constructive, being normal (ha!), camping

leeshie: my grandma's here!

me: NO.

me and leeshie: I'm picking my nose..

What's Happening??

12.19.08 I haven't updated recently because my life got super crazy! I plan to write a lot during winter break, and I have almost finished chapter 10 of Life of Amaterasu. So I'm sorry for the incredible delay, but the rest of the season will come shortly after that! Yayness!

9.01.08 So. HI. I just put up a new story, Vizzie's Motorcycle, and i think that you guys will really like it. Im almost done with chapters 8,9, and 10, and i thought that a nice closing spot for the season would be around 15 episodes... So i have other stories that im working on, so you will not be deprived and i will finish this season for TALOAM by october, and the new season will start in may. The other stories im writing also take place in japan, (i just seem to be infatuated wit the culture) So keep ur eyes peeled!

8.17.08- AHH where has summer gone?? Anyway, it's Leeshie, and since Lizs lazy ass didnt say that the new chapter is up, I'm saying it, and its AMAZING!! Check it out!!

7.21.08 So, i'm sorry i haven't written in a while and i just wanted to tell you guys about the new manga i drew to go along with this new chapter!! i just have to put it up on deviant, and then you can all see it... and i have to put up the new chap. i hand wrote it on the way driving to camp, and it was 15 pages, front and back!! so that's all that goin on in amaterasu's life rite now, and be on the lookout for the new chap in the next couple days!!

4.29.08- (its leeshie) so who noticed that on liz's last post, she forgot to put the dot in so now it looks like theres 2608 friggin days in april?

4.2608- so who noticed that leeshie hacked and put up the last date in '07?? yah, and i put up the second ep.. i luv Amami

4.16.07- the first chapter is all typed up! It should be up soon.

4.9.08- ITZ LEESHIE HERE!!k i just wanted to say hi and say that the story will be up soon!!

4.8.08- okayyy...not much to say really but leeshie has my notebook so i cant type it up right now...BUT BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!

4.7.07 (again)- okay, Liz AGAIN!! so, I'm going to give leeshie my story to type up tomrrow, and depending on her amount of homework, she should have it up pretty soon...idk though, it takes a while to type...anyway, AMATERASU OUT!! (okay, i promise i will NEVER do that again)

4.7.07- Hey guys it's Liz here. Okay, so I've started writing the first chapter of my first story, and I should have it up pretty quickly via Leeshie's computer. I'll also try to make a DeviantART account so I can post some art that goes along with the story, and I'll post that soon when I do! Uhhh... what else to say... um... keep an eye out for my first story! I'll try to have it up sometime this week!

How can i bother this girl?


I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions!!

just no flaming...i'll hate you forever xD

Whoever said "Nothing is impossible" has obviously never tried slamming a revolving door.

Why do we say something is out of whack? What IS whack?






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