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My name is Sarah Johnson.

I am 19 and in college.

I am the daughter of two teachers who have taught me nothing.

My brothes barely know me.

Its like that title of the sci-fi book that I've been meaning to read. I'm a Stranger in a Strange Land.

I live in a city that is known for the sole reason of being weird. Seriously everywhere you go you see bumper stickers or signs or paintings saying "Keep (City Name) Weird".

I also live in the North side of that city which is often known as the crotch of the city. Just let me say this, don't leave your house without pepper spray or a friend, especially if its dark out.

I am indefinately a heritic. I believe in a God I refuse to worship and have a set of morals I never use.

I am a hypocrite and hold most people to a higher standard then myself.

I take myself much too seriously. Please, do not make the same mistake.

My goddamn roommate's fuckbuddy's phone's alarm is going off and its too complicated for me to know how to shut off. It's really annoying.

I'd be a drug adict if I wasn't so afraid of losing control.

I have not slept for the past 28 hours.

My eye is twitching.

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Exercises In Creativity reviews
From the death of a plastic christmas tree to the very boring life of a monster named Olga. A collection of short stories, memories, and poetry. This is a documentation of my evolution as a writer through my writing.
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Danger Zone reviews
Okay, jeez Joe, I was just trying to be nice to those less fortunate then myself, no need to bite my head off. I'm not the one who's a bum AND addicted to drugs. And what the hell ever, I was not stalking you. Delusional much? You're just jealous.
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