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Lady of the Rose

AKA: Moony

Age: 23

I am...

-A fan of fantasy, fairytales, and horror stories

-An animal lover

-An agnostic deist

-An avid reader

-A tea enthusiast

-A Libertarian

8/7/15: Been a while since I posted anything here, may be a while until I post again. Most of my original writing has focused on two ideas that are nowhere near ready for publishing, here or anywhere. The only thing I have that might be is A Captive Muse... if I ever get a chance to finish editing and typing it up.

Current Works In Progress:

Lore Story: Formerly known as the Kingdom of Lore trilogy; what was a straight-up prophesied quest by a Chosen One to Save The World has mutated into something like a political fantasy; Illiari's name changed to Eiriol somewhere along the way and I'm not even sure if she's going to be a main character any more or if the story is going to concern itself more with formerly-peripheral character Queen Serilda. Also playing around with titles at this point; working title for the Eiriol-centric version keeps changing, but I've been tossing around Sorrow's Song and Lay of the Green Lady. The Serilda-centric version would be The Wolf Queen.

Tales of the Pack: Title may still change. An intertwining series of urban fantasy stories concerning the Pack, a group of six supernatural beings who travel the US saving people and hunting things, and the particular series of cases that bring them into conflict with necromancer and all-around bad guy Mr. White. There are twelve stories planned at the moment, chronicling the Pack's discovery of and conflict with Mr. White, and a few extras exploring a few of the characters' backstories and motivations more than I got to in the book/series itself.

A Captive Muse: On hold, but will eventually be posted in its entirety.

Love at First Bite: A re-working of what I was calling A Vampire's Kiss, retaining Jade as a main character but swapping the original broody vampire love interest for Kieran, aka Manic Pixie Dream Guy. This would be a more light-hearted story than originally planned, as a sort of balance against stories like Twilight where the main vamp is brooding and lonely and Byronic and the girl is angsty and withdrawn and entirely dependent on her LI. Not yet sure if/when I'll actually get around to writing this one.

Links you might be interested in, just remove the spaces:

My ff. net account: http: //www. fanfiction. net/ u/750737/ Lady_ Moon-Chan

My DeviantArt: http:// moonneko14. deviantart. com/

My writing journal: http:// moony810. livejournal. com/

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