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Wow, it's been a while...Anyway, I'm going to be doing some stuff. Changes. I decided to begin posting my stories and stuff from here on my DeviantArt page. This way, I can not only reach readers on here, but also on DA, since I want to do more writing and more drawing. I'm hoping that this will be an awesome thing for me, and I hope those of you who have been reading my stuff (what little there is, anyway...), or are just discovering my stories, will join me on DA as well!

Seriously, though. I don't get to write and draw as much as I would like to. Life seems to like throwing a wrench in my plans, though (THE WRENCH OF DOOM!). Anyway, if you want to, you click the link after this segment to view my DeviantArt profile. Transferring these stories will take time. I want to ensure that they are all ready to be viewed on DA beforehand. Until then, I'll see you guys later, whether it be here, or on DA.


My DeviantArt Profile:


Okay, so I have some good news and some bads news for those of you who have been waiting for me to come back.

The bad news is: It will be a few days before any of these stories have been updated. I just recently got my own computer, with a decent wifi signal (FOR ONCE!!!!), and will need time to transfer all of my important files from my old PC to this laptop. Until then, though, there is...


Finally! I have been wanting soo badly to update this profile and get my stories back into full swing. One of the stories currently on my list, 'The Somebodies', is one of my favorites, and for a good reason. I want to finish it up this year, and attempt to publish it by the end of the year!

E-Soul has not been labeled as dead by me. In fact, I have been attempting to come up with a future for the characters, as well as how the story is going to progress from the time the story was cut off, which was a REALLY bad place to cut the whole thing off, I admit.

Anyway, I will be updating soon, and I hope to see you guys on here later on.

So until we meet again, stay creative, and don't let life drag you down too much.


Hey, I'm AquaGuardian (AQ for short, or Aqua), and this is my profile, obviously. I'm an avid writer, and I am an avid reader as well. I'm currently working on three major projects, one of which is on temporary hiatus, one is being worked on as I type this, and another just needs to be finished before I start uploading it to here. I also have a forum known as The Writers' Block. I created it for those how are new to the site, or maybe even veterans, and are looking for ideas. It's also a place to talk with other writers about any blocks they may be having. So feel free to stop by there and say hello! And if you are interested in some fanfics, here's the link to my fanfiction account.

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Kairu Takahata is your average, fire-wielding high school student. And in a world where humans wield the power of the elements, life just doesn't give him, or his friends, a chance to rest. Returning after a long hiatus, I present to you: E-Soul, v2
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Laura Haven has moved to a new home in a new town. It is here that she has survive daily life at her high school, and maybe even change the lives of some of the school's rejected and ridiculed.
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