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Typing typing typing, shuffling paper. Sudden clatter in the corner.

Huh? Who's there? Spins around, sees no one, glances back at computer.

Oh. It's just You. I thought there was a mons--uh...monsoon. Yeah. A monsoon. In my house. But obviously it's not raining in here, so it couldn't have been a monsoon, could it? Sheepishly grins. Don't suppose it was You who made that noise then, was it? It was? Oh good! Sighs in relief. I mean, I'm not scared or anything. I just don't like people reading over my shoulder, especially when I'm writing. Or when it's dark... Or when I'm alone in the house...wait. You're on Your side of the internet...You can't technically read over my shoulder, unless You can pull off some cool two-places-at-once trick? Yeah, didn't think so. But then...Comprehension dawns...who made that--WHAT DO YOU MEAN "HAHA J/K?!" WHO'S IN MY HOUSE?!

Grabs handful of unsharpened pencils, spins around again like a flash, quickly scans room for the Nameless Terror. Relaxes. Phew, it was just the cat! I must have missed him earlier. Turns back to computer. Ok, sorry 'bout that. I guess I'm just a little bit jumpy. Oh, and You might want to start running by the way. Just so You know.

Typing typing. Sudden glint of cat eyes in the corner.

Um, hi. Sorry about the randomness above; I just thought it would be a good way to introduce you to my...uh, unique personality. I like that word. Unique. It's like unicorn...or unicornical... Yeah. Here's some more stuff about me:

Name: Amanda

Age: 20

Location: somewhere in Georgia, US of A

SSN: yeah right

Status: single! (care to change that? lol!)

Favorite colors: blue and green

Likes: Jesus, coffee, tea, chocolate, peanut butter, laughing, smiling, singing off key, music, playing the piano, reading, writing, drawing, archery, hiking, playing in the mud, kittens, Disney movies, movies in general, awkward moments, capture the flag, Charlie the unicorn, video games, surprises, ninjas, being spontaneous...I'll stop there. Kudos if you read all that (because you just wasted a minute of your life).

Dislikes: spiders, tornado sirens, arrogance, injustice, campus dining, High School Musical

Favorite authors: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, Jane Austen, Michael Crichton, and Douglas Adams. I'm always looking for more, though, so any recommendations?

In conclusion, I would like to say thank...wait, wrong audience. My bad. Ok, so I'm usually a pretty quiet person in the real world. I used to be horribly, painfully shy, but not so much anymore; now I'm just reserved. I like to watch people and listen to them, but when I have something to say I'll pipe up. Granted, it's usually just to say something stupid or to make a joke, but I do know how to be serious, too. I just like to make people laugh (my fortes are sarcasm and random awkward comments). I'm a grammar Nazi, so watch out. I've lived and breathed this website and fanfiction.net for years, but I've only just now joined...I'm a slacker, I know. I'm hoping it will motivate me to finish all the stuff I've started. Oh, and since I'm a biology major, I probably won't have much time during the school year to write, so please bear with me...Grr. Lol! Get it? Bear? Sigh. Tough crowd. Actually, I probably won't update too much over the summer, either, what with work and other unforseeable events and stuff. Haha, sorry? : )

Random quote of the day (or week, or year): Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known. (Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters, 1999.)

And one more to grow on (because I thought it was cute): Fig Newton: The force required to accelerate a fig 39.37 inches per sec. (J. Hart.)

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