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ABOUT ME... a long-winded introduction

I never have been a big fan of writing bios — in fact, I hate them — but I’ve always considered it necessary. Personally, I like it when other writers have a bio that I can read, because I enjoy learning about people. And although I sincerely doubt anyone is interested in reading mine, the possibility that maybe there’s someone still, somehow, is enough to convince me to do this.

So here’s the scoop on, well, me. My name is Brenda, and I’m an amateur writer. I am a procrastinator as well as a perfectionist, meaning that I am far from prodigious, and anything I write takes a ridiculously long time to finish. I am rarely satisfied with my works and am always looking for ways to improve. In fact, most of my writing is in the hope that it will improve my ability, besides the fact that I simply enjoy writing. In particular, several of my friends are very fond of roleplaying, which I participate in, and together we write small stories, a few paragraphs at a time. I have an ever-growing cast of original characters, all of whom are never quite finished, and a panel of fellow writer friends who advise me and comment on my works and characters. These friends, all very important to me, include Azure, my long-time childhood friend; Danielle, who is older than me but also my intellectual equal; Arcel, Danielle’s boyfriend and a close friend to me; Isi, an extremely creative Mexican poet; and Leanna, my beautiful girlfriend.

What else…? Well… I’m an avid reader. I’m a huge fan of Dean Koontz, J. K. Rowling, Lloyd Alexander, J. R. R. Tolkien, Terry Goodkind, and too many others to name. I’m also a major music fan, and enjoy everything ranging from Jason Mraz to Taking Back Sunday. My favorite food is dessert — it doesn’t matter what kind, although strawberry cheesecake is definitely at the top of my list. (Regrettably, I have to be more careful with it now. I am currently on a diet because, in all honesty, I am rather fat.) I am addicted to caffeine, and would try to quit if not for a lack of sheer willpower and the strength to endure the splitting headaches of caffeine withdrawal. My favorite drink is Coca-Cola of all kinds, but particularly Coke Zero. My favorite thing to wear is a striped sweater. I love Thanksgiving (glorious food!), but Christmas is much better in my opinion, despite autumn being my favorite season. I adore stuffed animals, especially ones that are patently larger than I am, such as my giant stuffed dog.

I own three cats, two hamsters and a rabbit, and I like to bill myself as a “crazy cat lady in training.” I am a geek and my favorite subject is science, although my best is more likely mathematics. I enjoy studying human behavior, psychology, neurology, religion, and history, as well as physics and astronomy. I hope to someday learn to speak Italian, Spanish and Japanese. I like jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and fill-it-ins, and Sudoku.

I am a chicken. I will not deny this. My most noticeable fear is bugs; I’m afraid of everything ranging from wasps to butterflies to spiders to fleas. I used to be afraid of heights, and am still working to overcome it (at high altitudes, I suffer very badly from vertigo). I do not like sharp objects, especially knives, or the sight of blood. Hospitals make me uneasy. I tend towards paranoia and sometimes seem afraid of the dark — but really, I’m mostly afraid of what may be lurking in it. My worst fear by far is the fear of being rejected, hated or wrongfully judged.

ABOUT MYTHIENE... a brief explanation of the character

Mythiene was a character who came to me suddenly, all at once, one day while performing a mundane task — laundry, if I remember correctly. I immediately fell in love with the basic premise of her character.

Mythiene is an enigmatic and profusely mysterious being. Existing on the spiritual plane, Mythiene is omnipresent and encompasses the entire universe. She sees every twitch, hears every whisper; and, as her job requires, records it. Mythiene is a walking library, an unabridged record of history and fiction, the keeper of the never-ending chronicle of human and beast. She knows every story, myth, legend, tale, parable, anecdote, account and narrative in existence. She knows every second of every minute of history at every location.

Mythiene is one of many animal-spirits to serve the Goddesses of my personal original-fiction universe, and usually takes the form of a nine-tailed fox, where the number of tails denotes the rank in the hierarchy of animal-spirits (with nine being the highest number).

Mythiene is extremely antisocial, haughty and arrogant, with a short temper and an argumentative nature. She is often at odds with the Goddess’s two nine-tailed servants, Wisteera and Jizeera.

UPCOMING STORIES... a list of my current works and their genre

“The Ledger” (action/adventure)

“There’s Nothing in the Closet” (horror/suspense)

“One Small Favor” (fantasy)

“All the King’s Horses” (fantasy)

MY PERSONAL GOALS... a few things I hope to do eventually

First of all, I hope to publish a story or several, and possibly a few of my essays (yes, I write essays). I am aiming for at least 6,000 words overall.

Why? Well, because of my second goal — become a beta reader.

Third, make a few friends here, and hopefully get on a few people’s Favorite Authors or Favorite Stories lists.

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