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So. Australia. We do not wrestle crocodiles and we grow trees here naturally, they do not get imported fully grown! We also produce our own milk and do not have hippos. We do however have camel races, but they aren't quite as popular as the football. (Rugby Leasgue, not Soccer or the American NFL)( The amount of times i've been seriously asked these questions is ridiculous.) Okay, so about 100 kilometers down the road (not that far) there's a place you can go that showcases snakes and crocodiles and other dangerous animals if you're interested, but crocodile wrestling is not a common sport. There aren't actually that many people who want to be eaten by crocodiles. Sorry.

ME: I live in Australia, attend both Highschool and university. Languages, math and sciences at highschol and a bachelor of Laws at uni. I live five minutes from a beach I never swim at, listen to whatever music takes my fancy and have been stung by a bluebottle jellyfish.

I tried to post on here a few times but my old computer disagreed with uploading things and pop-up windows. Now that I have a new computer, I have no stories left as they all crashed with the old one.

-forgiveness is divine, but revenge is human nature-

You may not play the electric guitar

Or strum the finest fiddle

But for me to reply to you

You must first guess this riddle

Today I celebrate my birthday

I was born in North Korea

The son of a Buddhist monk

There is one thing that I fear

Though I do have birthday parties

And am married as you know

I will never reach my 40th

How is this so?

Who can figure it out? Remeber to think outside the square. (Despite what it says in the the poem, i will reply to people...)

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