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Hello to all people unlucky enough to find this page!! name's solidsnakeoo7, and this evidently is my page. I don't consider myself any sort of writer, I just decided to post some of my works and see what people thought about them. I don't write often, mostly because I keep things to myself, and mostly because im not to good at it. Anything i write is usually deeply infulenced by the things i've gone through throughout my life. any morals or ideas behind my works are formed from the collective of countless millions of moments all crushed together and lightly salted. If you haden't guessed from my name i am a big metal gear solid fan and am in fact waiting for mgs4 to come out. I've been called a gun freak, fanatic, and wacko but am in fact mearly an enthusiast. Rest assured however that if you ever have a question about a gun let me know im pretty well versed. I love to read poetry as you might of guessed and am almost never nery critical of anyone...unless it's really that bad. I plan on using this to test my idea for a video game i've had for a very long time. You guys probably think "he like guns and video games, hes probably a really bad writer", well i'll leave that for you to decide. But on i finale note I am a huge supporter of our troops fighting overseas. I know not every one agrees with the war and i know many think the president is and idiot. I know that many don't like it but i ask you all to support your troops, even if you dont support their reason for fighting back them up. after all their just doing their job like all the rest of us, the differences lie solely in pay, requirements and the things they have to do. I hope I haven't scared anyone away. Im open to any suggestions in books and poems, and I ask that if you review any thing of mine you make it as critical as possible. Oh and my favorite color is green, heck yeah!! April 23rd 2011 Its been a very long time since I've even logged on here, and obviously since I've written anything. In the last three years I've graduated high school, worked the best job in the world, and joined the marine corps as an 0311 rifleman. Alot has happened...and you'll all learn a little bit soon enough.

Two Casings: A Novel by Unknown Sorrow reviews
...Two lovers..." I read the poem over again, and the line stuck in my mind. Little did I know, the poem told my story...
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Drama/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,792 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/25/2008