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Ok so firstly my name is Christine you can just call me tin or whatever you wanna call me.. must be wondering by now where my stories are.well I'm sorry to dissapoint you but I'm not really a writer, I'm more of a reader and I have specifically made this account only to read novels. Reading novels is a habit for me it's one of the things that I'm good at. Between you and me reading one novel a day is not enough for me. I can read tons of novels if given the time. But sadly I'm not aloud long hours in front of the computer that much since I only use the computer in the evening It takes me till morning just to read some novels.hmp.And add the fact that Im a bit picky with the stories I read.Thats basically the reason why I always choose a complete story these days. You see a lot of writers today dissapoint me specially those writers of the story i chose that are interesting but incomplete. Well a lot of writers today tends to leave their works without finishing it and for me as a reader who loves reading a lot and cant get enough of it 24/7 annoysme. Imagine this scenario you were reading a story that is incomplete and by chance you loved the story so much but it wasnt complete so ofcourse the reader would wait and wait then you saw the last updated date and it was 2 years ago since it had been updated. Just a shoutout for those kinds of writers please finish your work its a big dissapointment for a lot of readers who had grown to love your work to not finish the story. It's like a mother or father not finishing a bedtime story for their children.