Kellen Jay Mathers Died Again
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Author has written 2 stories for Horror, and Humor.

NOTICE!!: The stories 'Schizophrenia', 'Melancholia' and 'The Book of Dain' will be moved to the penname 'A World of My Own' tomorrow at 1:11 PMST!

Nota Bene!Important Note!:

May 24, 2012: Wow, I haven't been on here in forever. I looked back at some of my old stuff and...what the hell was wrong with me ohmygod, I sucked. In fact...things haven't changed much, have they?

February 14, 2011: Happy Valentine's Day! And, though I hate the holiday, I posted work for it. Now I have a couple which is not one sided like all others I have, I did something for them. You will see now Melancholia and Schizophrenia. They involve the two characters Melan (the first story) and Schitsen (the second). Keep in mind, they go hand and hand. Each contain events during the same time periods from different viewpoints. As such, though some events are the same, they happen differently. Not all occurances are the same. If you wish to understand, you may want to read both. Feel free to comment, but keep homophobic crap away. No one wants to hear it.

In any case, the chapters will be updated at the same time to avoid too much confusion.

January 31, 2011 (Again): I now have DeviantArt. I shall soon bring to you many Bluejay characters by way of DeviantArt. I have a picture of Solly and Selos. And a picture of Micah's eye. Speaking of which, that is the cover page of Bluejay.

January 31, 2011: I am pretty regular with my updates to Bluejay as of late. Let us hope the 'three chapter curse' does not hit and writer's block does not take over. During the week, I may be rather slow, so perhaps only one update. Though two may be possible. That is dependent upon the week's schedule, however.

January 30, 2011: I have made a new avatar to go along with 'Bluejay'. Indeed, the drawing is crappy and the coloring is shoddy. But, I did the hair like that, then the eyes to show how they looked, and ended up coloring the whole of it like that. If you look carefully (though the site cuts it off) you can see the silhouette of the bluejay underneath his eye. I will give away no plot details, but that is, indeed, how the eyes look. They are inverted. Though hard to see in the small picture here, his pupils are a dark blue. Where ours is the white, theirs is black. And it only gets darker with passing times. Maybe this clears some things up.

January 29, 2011: I have decided to make 'Bluejay' a full story by itself, and hopefully a sort of prequel to another project I have at hand. Also, 'The Book of Dain' and 'Handprints on the Windowpane' have been put on hold.

Projects from Now and the Future:

Bluejay: You mock me by forcing me to watch you fly towards freedom. (Sci-fi)

FairyTale (for the future): The death of this world brings the reaper to us. (sci-fi/ Fantasy)

I Love You, Pass It On (for the future): I like her. She likes him. He likes me. Just which one of us is the third wheel here? (Humor/Romance(More comedic, really))

Handprints on the Windowpane: He called to her and she listened. He wanted her to take them all. And she always did as she was told. (Horror)

The Book of Dain: Separate worlds lived with separate laws. They are all destroyed by the loss of a large, leather-bound book. (Fantasy)

Kellen Jay Mathers Dies Again: In a world of demons and curses, Kellen just can't get a break. From vampires to ghouls...what happened to the olden days, huh? (Horror/Humor)

I Think I See Dead People: He was a ghost, right? You saw that too? Or was it just me? Mom told me not to stay in the sun too long. It isn't good for a ginger kid. Did you know we apparently don't have souls? (Horror/Humor/Fantasy/Adventure- we're working with a mix here. I only have a general idea for this. Whether I do it next or not, I let you decide.)

Current Status: Alacritas is frightening and Interitus is a sight to behold.

I have a FanFiction account too: Kellen Jay Mathers Died Again:

I grew up with a Black Cat at my side. I got in A Predicament and heard a Tell-Tale Heart. I lived on The Island Of Fay and witnessed The Balloon Hoax. The Murders In The Rue Morgue and The Pit And The Pendulum captivated me at a young age. I'm a Poe kid

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