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Well, for someone that is supposed to write a lot, I really don't like to write about myself.

But let's give it a try.

I really don't write much, I prefer to read. Okay, sometimes I write those nonsense things that I just can't get out of my mind, and that's mostly what I'm going to put here.

About reading, I do say I like what my professor at college wouldn't even consider literature. I'm still not sure what literature means to him. And fanfictions! I love fanfictions!

I'm currently doing my best to finish Forgotten Paradise, especially ‘cause I have a new story in mind (actually I have two, and I already begun to write them, but I won’t post them both at the same time, or else I know I’ll get crazy and the readers won’t have updates so often). I also have a planned sequel to Wishing Dream, which I’m not so sure about, but I’ll post to see what people think of it. About the poems, I’m not sure if I’ll continue to put them in the same place or if I’ll separate them into individual publishing.

So, I know it's been two weeks already since the last time I updated. But right now, I can't seem to get my mind into proper work mode, which means that I'm stuck in chapter 65 without any idea on when this will be done. I know there're lots of things that need to be explained, and that I promised to explain on later chapters, but I'm trying to work on those things too. I'll stop making promises, so there's basicaly no way to say when the story will be updated.

I apreciate the ones that have been reading it, and don't you guys worry, I'll finish the story. (Friday, 14 August 2009)

So, as you all realized, Forgotten Paradise is finally finished. I know I left lots of things to still be explained, but I can't plan a sequel without something to talk about (no, that doesn't mean I'm writing anything about Cait anymore). As I said on my last note in the epilogue (though, I know I don't read other's notes, so I don't really expect anyone to actually read mine - and I'm most certain no one will read this note), I really appreciate all the support you guys gave me reading my story to the end, especially because I know it got quite boring by the end, and most of it was very frustating (at least for me, and I wrote it).
I hope I'll be able to post something worth your attention soon, though I'm not sure what exactly it will be from the many ideas going on in my head (some too absurd to even put into words).
And, I guess that's it. (Saturday, 5 December 2009)

And I'm still trying to get my head around the stories I started writing, but with the holidays and the packing, not to mention the number of goodbye parties I went to and consequential hangovers, I'm pretty much in the same place I was when I finished writing Forgotten Paradise (why do I feel like I should change that name?). Now, I do have a lot of time on my hands, and I'm trying to put a good use to it so I'll be able to release the first chapter of one of the stories I'm writing (I'm still not sure which one, though I do have a 'favorite'). (Monday, 11 January 2010)

Sorry, I have a feeling the update will be a little late for chapter 13 of Twisted Jealousy Game (I still have lots of things to fix in that chapter and don't want to give you guys something that won't be as good as I first thought it). I've been having quite a few troubles at writing, it seems like my head and muse are not in full cooperation as they were in Forgotten Paradise (even though they've had some struggles along that way as well). I'm trying to get some writing done, but things just keep on getting foggy and I have to try to keep on track with what I had been planning. (Tuesday, 27 April 2010)

Twisted Jealousy Game - Prom dresses

Callie’s dress: http:///1970s-deep-red-chiffon-baby-doll-dress-p-236.html

Mel’s dress: http:///1980s-crimson-and-black-lace-sutash-mini-dress-p-172.html

So, after 3 years TJG is finally updated. Sorry! As I said on Chapter 41's note: life finally caught up with me (work, responsabilities and all that grown up stuff). I'm not finished with it yet, but hopefully I'll be very soon. Chapter 43 will be here at some point (probably next month if I'm able to figure out what to do with it). Thanks for sticking with us this far, and don't worry, I haven't abandoned you guys. (Monday, 17 August 2015)

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