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So I'm a college student, pursuing a degree in English. I like to write for fun on occasion, and I'm sorry to say that I do not update regularly. I update whenever I come up with a good idea for the next installment, or if I'm struck by inspiration and feel like writing something else entirely. Hopefully I'll be more inspired once the semester's over, since I'll have more time to write for myself (and readers?) Hope everybody's doing well, and thanks so much for reading!!

- Allie

I love old Woody Allen movies, and I was inspired by a scene from his movie Manhattan. Allen's character is coming up with a list of things that, for him, make life worth living. I really like to make lists, and I just thought that was such a great idea. So, here's part of my list:

Things that make life worth living (according to PurpleSummer24)

- my sisters

- Disney World

- Harry Potter

- Dunkin Donuts iced coffee

- Hanson

- Spongebob Squarepants

- my best friends

- UMD basketball games (GO TERPS!!)

- cherry blossoms in Washington, DC

- Broadway shows

- Spring Awakening

- my dad's waffles

- The Great Gatsby

- the Jersey shore

- driving my car

- Ben Folds

- The Office

- dancing with myself (literally)

- awkward moments

- Veronica Mars

- my mom and dad

- free concerts/shows/food/t-shirts

- stepping on crunchy leaves in November

- 4th of July barbecues

- classic movies, esp. Woody Allen

- Hugh Jackman shirtless

- summer thunderstorms

- snow on Christmas Eve


- my crazy family

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