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This is offical i hate AOHELL and my parents!! If any one knows of a free internet provider, please, please, PLEASE email the information to me as you can tell i have changed my email AND instant message name so it fits my PEN name a tad bit better. I have decided to reform my profile because it was crap before! On ward!

I am a teenage girl from Rhode Island in the USA. It the tiniest state and it is quite boring in my town. Then again i live in the middle of nowhere so it's lose-lose situation.(aren't i just a little ray of sun shine?)
I am quite obsessed with Harry Potter and i was obsessed with Gundam Wing for a while but i have moved on unfortunatly. I enjoy writing humor harry potter and gundam wing fan fiction. I also like to write drama, but im not to good at that. I also like to write romance which turns out to be very graphic and unpleasent to the untrained imagination.
My favorite pairings and such:
Harry Potter: Harry/Draco Sirius/Remus Lucius/Remus James/Severus Sirius/Narcissa Star/Hermione Ron/Seamus Severus/Hermione (alot ehe?)
Gundam Wing: Trowa/Quatre Millardo/Hilde Duo/Quatre Heero/Quatre Wufei/Duo
lord of the rings: Frodo/Sam Legolas/ME! (but of course! he is so hot!)
Some random information about me:
I take german in school. I want to become an english major and teach High Schoolers. I think that Gay men are adorable. I also have a problem with preps. I do think that they are quite annoying because 3/4 of them are butt hole cause they thinkt hey are better than every one else. but the other 1/4 i don't have a problem with!
My favoites:
Color: Navy blue/ Black / Silver (and i am getting attached to yellow cause of my yellow fluffy shirt!)
Day of the week: Monday (i'm just weird like that)
Store: Savers, Newberry comics Bands: Sisters of Mercy -Bauhaus -Static X- Daft Punk - MusT.. and others ^_^
Song as of 7/28/02: Lucretia my Reflection and 1959.. both by the Sisters of Mercy
All Time Favourite song- Tonight tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins
Some more stuff about me:
I think hypocrits can got do the nasty with a tree. osama bin laden can kiss my arse. I talk with an english accent 1/4 of the time. My hair currently have blue spots in it from a dying that went deadly. I have no pets. I think that people that don't like slash should convert and like it because its sweet. Oh lookie here, i've added a personal thingy about me: Eyes: Brown hair: Brown, with acid green spots (dying gone deadly)o0o0 and its curly today! height: 5'5 1/2" style: DArker than usuall and a little more punkie mood i'm currently in as of 5/8/02: Pissed off and Depressed because i'm really messed up like that! song stuck in my head that i can't get out: Push It by Static X (*drool* wayne static.. soo hot..) thing i hate most about people: Them annoying me in public restrooms and people who can't drive (I got road rage) Thing every one should know about me: I don't like it when people bash my friends. I'm very protective. like a mommy wolf to her cubs.

Enough about me... Please read and review my crazy works of art! I'd mean alot to me!

Thanks alot Dee
Quote of the day- F* off random German quote of the day: Alles gute im das Kaesebrot. (all is good in the cheese sandwich) shout outs: Crystal- You are mad fun to talk to Klee- You a Rhodey.. well was! ROCK ON! Tee- *grins evily* remember you have to let me beta your stories! Kelly- Whats up? been to compounce laely? Paula- umm strawberries you be missing out! Briggs- *smiles* you 0.000000001 % dog girl you! Kristina- Werd.. now you feel special i hope! and if i spelt your name wrong.. you should feel even more specialized! ONTO THE INSANITY! *eye twitches* My dear peoples, oh my.. my lovely reviewers.. i shall have an update before August.. that means i need to get in gear and start typing then.. i have multipul ficcies that i just LOVE writing, and work.. i just don't have time to come to .. with all the pop ups and all, i spend most of my time at Schnoogle.. and in RPG's.. -_-'' shame on me.. indeed.. email me and scold me please!! ^_^ dee (28 July)