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Hello people. Well lets see were oh were should I begin.

My name is Briana which u probably guessed from my pen name. I was give the nickname banana when i was in elementary long story and I'm not given much space here.

Okay basics lets see.

I just turned 19 i graduated High School at the ripe age of 17 and I'm attending a California State University.

My intended major well majors is Pre-Vet and English. Two very opposite things but both are my passion and when asked to pick one I just couldn't, some of you might empathize with me so yeah. I'm taking a creative writing class which is what began this whole ordeal.

In Within the Shadow I Found Light the protagonist is tall and it deals with her accepting your differences with "The Norm" and be comfortable in your own skin. I guess it models my life a bit because i too had to deal with things like that. I am six feet and many of the flashbacks will be my own experiences. Physically I am probably identical to Sef, except i am more chunky than her.

I am a first-generation Mexican-American and learned English in the four grade. What i mean is that I had a bilingual teacher till then and after a certain proposition they changed the school systems and there was no more bilingual given. It was so hard to learn a language that is so complex as is English. But I had fabulous teachers that inspired this burning passion within me.

I have a younger sister that I have learned to love. But like any two siblings our fights are never ending, which still drives our parents up the wall. Since we are to "old" to be fighting, but come one, fighting with your sis never gets old. If your the oldest in your family you know exactly what i'm talking .

At the moment I'm dating the best guy ever. No really he is great. Come on to find a guy that put up with my antics is hard lol.. He is a Caucasians male named Albert, and i must say that i have never been happier. He is my complete opposite in music , clothes, etc. But for some weird reason we just click. But I wont jinx it and say will be together forever and things of that nature. I for one am a realist and say that at the moment we are exactly where we want to be. But as we all know the future is unknown and what we have or want today can be completely different from what we want later.

Well thanx for reading and if you are looking for friend or to chat look me up.. I Love talking, just in case you haven't

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Temporarily Removed
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