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Hi I'm Izaquix078, I'm just newbie here so I hope you all like the story I am going to make. Here's an information about me and everything. If you want to know more about me, myself and I...visit me in my web site at

To view my anime drawings, visit me in my homepage at

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Hi. My real name is Riza Uriarte, currently 16 years old and turning 17 in this coming December 30. I live in Philippines. (Proud to be Pinoy!!) As you have noticed in my name, I am a girl with short-layered-diagonal cut black hair and black eyes. I am still single and no I am NOT interested in any relationships with an opposite sex.

About my background? Hmmm...

I live Cebu, Philippines and soon to be in college. I'm taking B.S.IT so yeah...there will be a lot more stressing experiences to come.

About myself?

I'm a little bit of loud, a bit loner and a little bit lazy sometimes. People often tell me that I am very funny because I tell good jokes even if it is not meant for jokes. I made them laugh so I am labeled the funny one. I am also a computer game lover and I also do some singing, dancing and acting. Sometimes, I lock myself up inside my room and sing all my favorite songs, draw anime drawings, write more stories or surf the net.

I also have another favorite animes/mangas like The Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Ghost Hunt, Pretear, Inuyasha, Elemental Gerad, Oh my Goddess, Negima, Bleach, Mirmo de Pon, Shaman King, DN Angel, Fruits Basket, School Rumble and many more!!

My favorite male characters are Tezuka-kun, Eiji-kun, Athrun-kun (Heh you already know that), Ryoma-kun, Sakuno-chan, Coud, Yoh Asakura, Yuki Sohma, Dark Mousy, Satoshi Hiwatari, Naruto Uzumaki, Sir Kakashi, Sasuke Uchiha and many more!!

My favorite games are Ran Online, Final Fantasy 8-12, Super Mario, MU, Audition,Tantra, Flyff, Kingdom Hearts 1&2, King of Fighters, Tekken (but not that much) and many more!!


I also play guitar. I only know how to play one song and only one. There are some chords that I haven't memorize yet and I'm still stuck on the easy ones like D, A, B, Bm, E and Em. Although I'm not a good guitarist, I am still trying my best.

But now, my new interest is to write more anime fanfics of Gundam Seed and prince of Tennis.

My opinion about Mary Sues, Gary Stus, OC and Yaoi fics...

In the world of stories and whatnot, there are a lot of mary sues in it and some of us had just not realize or noticed it yet.
I don't hate or like mary sue. Actually, it doesn't really matter to me as long as the character on it is not OA or corny and that the story is nice. I also like OC's because I like new changes so practically I'm not against them.
Yes, I don't agree about fics that all or one of the boys would fall head over heals to a girl. And also yaoi, I also don't agree with that...it hurts to read two boys kissing. Not just boys but girls too.

One more thing...

Flames are okay but please no bad or insulting words...constructive criticism are also helpful.



Comments, suggestions, clarifications and questions are all welcome. If you have questions, just PM me or review me in one of my stories and I'll definitely talk to you. If I found you misunderstanding in one of my stories as you post your reviews, rest assured, I'll talk to you so that you would understand everything but please don't be harsh or mean. I'm very sensitive you know...

So be nice okay...? Thank you.

Sooner or later, I will post my very first story here so yeah...let's all keep in touch, ne?

Upcoming Stories: (Please, I beg you. Since I'm just a novice here...that doesn't mean you can just ignore it and copy my original story plots. You do know of the word 'Plagiarism', right? If you do respect yourself as an author, please do not steal any ideas without my persmission. Or at least, message me or give me any credits for it. Thank you.)

X0XPop Magic!X0X

Genre: Humor/Romance/Supernatural/Drama (Fiction-Manga Division)

Strangely gifted with wishing powers, 16-year old Asahina Misaki was just an average girl with a 'I don't care' type of an attitude. Although she tried to avoid any attention that can cause her being rumoured as a weirdo, she just could help being able to respond someone else's wishes.

X0XSwitch Over!X0X

Genre: Romance/Humor (Fiction-Manga Diviosion)

Minamoto Hiro is just your everday narcissist playboy who loves 3 things: Sports, Women and of course...teasing ugly things . During his first few days in his new school, he met a pretty girl and started flirting with her with the use of his 'superb-good looks'. Suprisingly enough, he was immeditely rejected! Saying that he was far from being handsome unlike her dream prince 'Akira-sama'. It didn't take too long before every girl in school fell in love with this unknown prince. Irritated, he decided to have a one-on-one talk with this 'Akira-sama' guy. However, while in the midst of his searching, he accidentally found out that the so-called 'Akira-sama' is actually Kurozawa Aki, the school's number one glasses-wearing nerd, in male disguise!