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Well, what can I say? I'm obviously someone who has a good portion of time on my hands. Mostly, I think I'm wasting it, but I just can't seem to find anything to do other than: write, go on Gaia, draw, computer, and run. Although I love physical activities my bike is at my dad's house and I just haven't gotten the time, parent, and/or car to actually go and retrieve it. I turned 14 awhile ago. I love to write, obviously, and the story I am doing right now is the written version of my manga My Dear Princess. I hope to get into animation soon-bday present still to come -.

I love to draw like I said b4. Mostly manga, but I'm trying the disney style since I don't wanna be an expert in only one nerdy art type. lol jk kinda.

I like my friends, and if you hurt any of them, I'll kill you with my pointy knuckles!

I am, in fact, emo. Particularly by myself. I don't want to rub off any sadness onto my friends.

I have a phobia of mosquitos at night for some reason.

I like unique and original things that look different from what other people have... although I have to admit I'm obsessed with keeping in style.

I am obsessed with Japan and it's culture and I'm trying to learn that darn language... but I'm afraid it may take awhile.

I personally dislike it when people just assume liking Japan means you're nerdy or obsessed with manga and anime. I am not obsessed with manga, but it is what I'm best at drawing, and I can't really help that. Cause in 2nd grade I picked up some how to manga book in the art section from Barnes and Nobles and brought it home. Katy Coope, you have my ever gratefulness-and on and off regret- forever more. Reason I say on and off regret? I kinda wish I'd gotten good in Disney cartoons, real life, or painting instead of this unrealistically proportioned cartoon. But I have to admit:

What would we do without manga/anime?

Nothing I tell you, absolutely nothing. We'd die, and all of those antagonizing fantasies of grabbing your true love's hand and then kissing them; having some funny and awkwardly embarrassing moments that made you blush and/or laugh; fighting some evil villian who has some type of sicko infatuation with you would all be good for nothing thoughts that might not even occur.

Isn't that scary?

So once again I say in complete sanity -but with no hint of being some type of otaku- I appreciate and enjoy manga/anime to the fullest. Cuz what would we do without it? Seriously! :3

My favorite music :

Panic! at the disco
Linkin Park
Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
Simple and Clean
Caramelldansen (obsessive dance!) O.o

More to come later!

My Dear Princess reviews
Caprice accidentally gets sent to a mens' concentration camp. A general forms an infatuation with her, and decides to keep her. She becomes friends with a group of unique characters, including Sarge. A schizophrenic. He sees everything as a frairytale.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 827 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Published: 5/2/2008