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My character is made out by how I act around you and what we're doing. I'm not always the same and I have a tendency to change my personality around different people. Well, not change my personality but use more of a certain aspect in me that is usual not used a lot normally. So I can't sayI'm this this and that because I always change and my opinions always alter


I love all colors but my favorite is purple

Sometimes when I want to say no I say yes.

When I see or hear silverwear and someones tooth rubbing together, my teeth starts to hurt.

When I'm bored I usually day dream stories about myself and or other people.

This is my life story in six word "Living without a purpose in life"

I love to feel needed

I like talking about weird subjects

I am only myself on the phone when no one's home.

Talking about YOUR life is fun

Hanging out with friends and partying is what I like to do

Half listening while I'm talking to you pisses me off but i wont say anything

Not having eye contact with me when I'm speaking with you gets me all jumpy

I like when a warm breeze pass through me

I don't like things done half way

"Don't look to others to be your hero, be the hero"-magaly

"aw honey, everybody's got a life, it all just depends on how you live it."-magaly(me)

I love reading other peoples stories on fiction press... there is just so much imagination and good writers on here! its the best part of Fiction press..READING!

I have written a lot more stories but this thingy-ma bobber won't except it..or whatever... sorry.. so I'm starting fresh with Kismet..

My name is Magaly by the way (MUH GAW LEE):)



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