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Since I have been on this site since May, I figure it's about time to write my profile. Let's see...I am a writer (obviously). I write constantly and there are days when I swear my imagination is waayy to active. I enjoy writing romance stories, children's stories and have recently begun dabbling in femslash writing.

My fanfiction link: (I write for a variety of fandoms)

Links for a cause I support:!/pages/Los-Angeles-CA/KOURTNEYS-KREW/314877538391

The three links above are related to a seven year old girl by the name of Kourtney Najjar. She is a little girl that my family knows and her family is currently trying to raise money for an organ donation. She needs a new pancreas, liver and I think kidneys. Her Mom is selling t-shirts on e-bay to raise money. You can find all her info by clicking on one of the links above.

UPDATE: Leslie/Hannah Explanation

Since I find myself uploading so many Leslie/Hannah stories, I felt it would be appropriate to explain these characters and the reasons behind them.

Leslie and Hannah share a unique bond. They are friends and lovers; they have fun, but they can also be serious.

Except for the Dreamgirl series, most of the Leslie/Hannah stories you see are separate stories in and of themselves. The Dreamgirl series was created with the same idea in mind, using the same method, a dream

Most of the stories you will see here have Leslie and Hannah as a couple. A very select few will have them as friends and still other stories might have them as friends that develop into something more.

The characters are in their early to mid twenties in most of the stories, though in some stories, they can easily be viewed as teenagers (from about age 16 to about age 19).

Minor characters

There are two minor characters that play a role in the Leslie/Hannah stories, so I thought I would explain them here:

Molly- A mutual friend of Leslie and Hannah's. She's selfish, random, and quirky, but will be there in a minute if something happens, whether it's looking for Patricia in PLOT! or giving Hannah advice in Dreamgirl Part 2. She's not in a lot of storis, but she is in a select few, having a larger role in PLOT!

Patricia- Hannah's girlfriend of five years and the source of Leslie's woes. Leslie views her as an obstacle to her potential happiness with Hannah. Patricia's role is mainly as antagonist; she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but isn't entirely stupid either.

Update (9/2/2010): I have taken the stories Megan, Karaoke, and Running Shoes off the site. As much as I love all three of these stories, they have been pulled for various reasons.

Megan- This is now a work in progress, as I am trying to get it cleaned up and polished through a critique site.

Karaoke- Since this story is a sequel to Megan, I feel that it cannot stay on this site as long as Megan is gone.

Running Shoes- While I think this story is pretty good, I would love to put it through a critique site for feedback and see if there is anything I can do to improve it.

That being said, please continue to enjoy my other stories should you stumble upon them.

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OneGirl by Tah the Trickster reviews
Being in love is hard. Really hard. Especially when you're not sure whether you want to kiss her or smack her upside the head. Sequel to "Singer." Femmeslash, yuri, F/F.
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She was a dyke, a headbanger, a pariah. I was perfectly straight, in the chorus, part of the 'in crowd.' We did NOT speak to one another. Ever. ...Stupid science fair. Femslash, yuri, F/F. Finished as of 12/17/09. Book and eBook versions now available!
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Video Cameras and License Plates
Before they met Patricia and Leslie, Hannah and Molly were college roommates. Here is a recounting of one of their adventures involving laziness, Hannah's video camera and Molly's car. one-shot
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Leslie has one more dream about Hannah. But this time, when she wakes up, the outcome is more than she ever dreamed. one-shot Final story in the series.
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Stinky Feet and Tickle Toes reviews
Before I even knew what was happening, we were rolling on the floor, trying to out tickle each other..." one-shot
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When Ashleigh and Sarah fight, it doesn't make for a good Valentine's Day. Can a single rose help smooth things over? f/f
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She’s the common thread linking all my thoughts, the one thing that stands out against the nothingness." Leslie falls asleep and has another dream about Hannah. femslash
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