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Hi. I've never been good with these profile/bio/life-story-in-40-words things so don't let this defer you from my writing. I'm pretty dramatic, emotional, wacky, whatever. I'm new to this whole writing but, so far I like it. I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get. I really like those heart-wrenching, romantic, tragic stories that leave you in utter shock. I hope eventually I can write things that have a real effect on people. I HEART READING. I honestly don't understand why people complain about it so much. I love my pillow. It's the best listener in the world.

Things I like: Thunderstorms, GLBT equality, The smell of Oranges, Random stupid stuff, VH1, the Burgatti Veyron, Degrassi, singers who can sing, actors who can act, writers who can write, suspense, Heroes, fashion design, journalism, musicals, Big Cities, Noise, Pacsun, Hot Topic, fresh air, sarcasm, rollercoasters, The colors pink, blue, orange, lime, black, brown and white, Windy Days, jeans, sneakers, boots, foreign places, hoodies, Urban Outfitters, accents, Sunsets, hugs, good friends, Algebra, cargo pants, U.S History, Summer, Snowstorms, things that contradict each other, clothing with skulls, Vans, Chuck Taylors, Chaos, Aeropostale, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Things that are checkered, Reality TV, Happiness...

Things I don't like:

Booty Videos, 50 cent, Old Tv Shows, insecurity, prejudice, 5 inch heels, weak people, Modern Day slavery, People who are Famous for being Famous, Kevin Federline, Soap Operas, People who are always sad, people who are always happy, People without emotions, George Bush, Tony Blair, Obama-Haters, Obama-Haters, Gore-Haters, MJ-Haters, itchy fabric, Charles Carl Roberts IV (google him), Hail, Girls with attitudes, "Database Errors", My Network TV, Flava Flav, New York (not the city the person)

I'm a dreamer, a thinker, and a critic.

I'm confused and carefree.

I'm your best friend and your worst enemy.

I'm a walking exclamation point. I am me.

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