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Hi, all. This is mostly a business type profile. This is where I'll be writing out general summaries for my work and/or work in progress. It's more for me than for you, but if I ever get any hardcore fans (which I doubt the probability of) I'm sure they'll be glad to have a behind the scenes look at my stuff. Don't worry, there will be no spoilers or critical plot points revealed here, but more of an in-depth study of the well oiled machine I call a brain.

On another important note: A lot of my stories have retained Japanese names and words, from when I was ridiculously obsessed with Japanese pop culture and anime. I still like the drawing style, the culture, and the anime; I'm just not as retarded about my enjoyment of such. Furthermore, said Japanese names will be kept. This is because I tend to characterize at an early stage when writing and thus become too attached to my characters to change their names. After all, I'm mostly writing for fun.

If, for some reason, you want to know about me...I will make a brief summary below:

I am a mostly serious, individualistic fourteen year old. Serious, but not quite solemn. Other people find it difficult to relate to me, even if they're almost exactly like me. Unfortunate, seeing as I hate to be alone more than anything. Despite my looks and speech, I have a fun-loving side, mostly accessed by people who know me. My humor usually emerges in the form of irony and rude sarcasm, which usually pushes potential friends away before they know my true intentions. It's hard for other people to know when I'm angry or upset. Sometimes people can easily read my feelings despite my best efforts. I react by acting upset when I'm not, so that they never know when I am. I enjoy peace and solitude, but feel that I would rather share my silence with a friend. I am easily depressed, but not easily infuriated. I put other people before myself (for the most part.) And that should answer most of your questions about me.

TL;DR version: I am serious, hard to read, and a good friend to those who want to know me well enough. Everyone else would do well to back off.

Thank you for your time. I apologize for sounding so anal. ;)

Below are brief summaries of ideas I'm currently toying with. Please PM me if you have any questions/comments/suggestions. I will always, even if said reply is a simple "Sorry. That's classified! =D"

Kaibutsu Kenkon- (CURRENTLY WRITING)
Originally rebels in their city, Itsuki, Kazemi, Akane, Yumi, and Akiko are enraged when they find out from the daily paper that a forest full of animals is going to be destroyed to perform an archaeological dig for a supposed 'New Race'. They tricked their parents into thinking they were having a sleepover and snuck out to the dig site to camp out and protest against the bulldozer that would bring down the forest. Little did they know, that they would be pulled far into the past, when humans didn't exist. Together, with courage, help, and a lot of luck, Itsuki and Co. have to single-handedly stop a crazy race of lizard-people from destroying the world with a weapon they don't know as much about as they think. But will things go as these teens plan, or will the Earth be destroyed by the unwitting lizards?

Akuma Naki: Journey of Michiko Kakinen- (IDEA IN PROGRESS)
Stuck on an island with her family at a young age, Michiko is happy & sees no reason to return to dry land. But when a bad storm drags her to shore, she must gather her scattered family from countries all over the world. She will discover a world of Daemons, magic, and spirits unknown to her before, and the fact that they are all connected to her in various and barely obvious links. Along with a hyper, immature girl named Tori, her destructive and surprisingly innocent little sister Tsunami, and several others, she has to save her family, not to mention Daemons all over the globe. Will she succeed, or will Tsunami's exploding coconuts and Tori's hyperactivity kill her first?

Eileen is a dirt-poor citizen of the Inops District in the city of Ignominia. She was captured by the infamous Collectors to be sold off as a slave. Arden Lenis is a kind-hearted young female who owns her family's estate in the wealthy Opulens District. Eileen is about to discover that not everyone in the Opulens District is "a shallow brain and deep pockets."

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Preach No Evil by Haunted-By-Scars reviews
Testify To Manipulate. -Rated for strong language and for a strong opinion
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The Ignominian Rebellion
Eileen is a citizen of the poor Inops District. She was captured and sold off as a slave. Arden is a kind-hearted young woman who lives in the wealthy Opulens District. Eileen is about to discover that not all the rich are "a shallow brain & deep pockets.
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Two Faced reviews
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