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I'm "A Star in Her Eye" but you can call me Ashe (A Star in Her Eye). I'm an eighteen-year-old college sophomore. I'm currently pursuing a undergrad degree in Business Finance. I like to read and write but that's typical of anyone on this website.

My favorite genres are historical fiction (anything by Philippa Gregory is love) and YA Fantasy (The Mortal Instruments Trilogy, The Hunger Games and of course, Harry Potter). But I write mostly romance or romance with a dash of fantasy/supernatural for extra flavor. I also write one-shots occasionally, but these are usually slice-of-life/young adult with slight romantic undertones.

My favorite color is silver and I like to watch cheesy reality television. I'm a germophobe and am known to carry a bottle of apple-scented hand sanitizer wherever I go (I hate the scent of the Purell ones--definitely not as pleasant as what you can get at a B&BW store). My favorite places are amusement parks and Disney World truly is the Happiest Place on Earth. I also love San Francisco (60 degrees year-round? Yes, please!) and would love to move there someday.

I like inspiring quotes and funny sayings and dry humor. When I'm not watching some tacky reality show or drama, then I'm usually tuned into the Style Network or the Travel channel (best channel ever!). I also LOVE crime-related shows: Bones, Criminal Minds, and Law & Order are all amazing and very addictive.

I learning new languages and seeing new/foreign food (not eating food, seeing food, I'm way too picky to actually try half the stuff out). I'm an abnormally fast reader (comes in handy for school--too bad I'm also easily distracted so it's still a rare occasion when I'm able to finish my assigments early).

And that's about it. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions. And lastly, I adore reviews (which writer on here doesn't?) and will be eternally grateful if you review a story of mine (I also try to reply to reviews too).

Thanks for visiting!

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I'm not proud of it. Stealing his train ticket, that is. But, hey--I needed to get out of Berlin and he was my one way ticket. I didn't care where it led, as long as it was far away from my jerky ex. I just didn't expect to get caught.
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So his friend was the one who got the crossdressing girl in the all boys school. Like Tristan Harland is ever the type to lose out, especially not to some girl who stalked him all the way from China. Problem is, she isn't exactly the type to lose either.
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It was going to be the cliche, jock and popular girl meet and live happily ever after. But a different boy picked up the phone and changed everything. Now he's making her doubt everything she knew about herself, and she's showing him a new kind of love.
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Shades of Fire by lovely-lonely reviews
So I ended up choosing the mysterious boy from the bookstore as my writing subject. He has no clue I’m observing him. But for the record, I am not stalking him, I swear – even if he thinks differently. I mean, jeez, what a jerk.
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Something Ever After by belle.nisce reviews
Val Shore has a problem: She’s Ursula in her own screwed up little mermaid story. How do you get your happily ever after when you’re not the princess in the fairy tale? Plenty of love and laughter, with a twist of magic.
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Girl for Hire by belle.nisce reviews
They're together - only for the press. But she doesn't fit in to his world - and he makes sure it stays that way. Everybody is against them - including themselves, so really, what's the best that can come out of what they have - which is nothing? CH12 UP!
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 12 - Words: 50,513 - Reviews: 826 - Favs: 807 - Follows: 995 - Updated: 1/15/2009 - Published: 4/27/2007
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She was a nobody, he was the most popular guy... yet somehow love found them together...' Sound familiar? Well, I'm obsessed with those stories, and would die to be one of those girls. But when my love story did begin, I found it to be... quite different.
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