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She's a bookworm (completely and irreversibly - a failure at life but a star at studies) and spends the majority of her time either in the library studying, or asleep in front of her computer with half-eaten food sitting beside her (there's something comforting about the white light from the screen)

She's quiet (not shy, no. Just that she would rather not talk - just watch, because actions speak so much louder than words and she would rather be sure of a decision before acting)

She tends to break her own heart and give away the pieces (one of them has landed here) so she's a little sad that her free time is spent sleeping and not writing. (But not regretful enough to cut down too much on her studying, because really, her intelligence is her only redeeming quality. But then again, everyone else in med school is just as smart, or smarter, so it doesn't count for much)


To publish a novel. (optimistically. Realistically, I'll be lucky to finish the story here.)

To become a cardiothoracic surgeon before I'm 30. (

To be the most precious in someone's heart. (I'm the type of person who denies that I'm a hopeless romantic, because it's ridiculous and impractical and I'm never ever that. I'll refute my wishes for true love and butterfly kisses, but watch chick-flicks and read romance novels on the side and swoon so long as no one is looking)

Works in progress:


It started out with a daydream, because I'm not the type to write things down in outlines and whatnot. Though, now I'm thinking I should because when I write, I keep thinking 'This doesn't make as much sense as I thought it would' or changing the plot halfway through.

The characters

(I've always believe the characters to be the most important aspect of any story. I would rather people fall for the characters, rather than my plot-with-a-million-holes)

Kyelin Age: 19

The naive one. In spite of war and bloodshed, she tends to search tirelessly for the good in people when everyone else has accepted the grim reality. She has hopeless, idiotic devotion. But then again, that's both the a strength and weakness of the human race. It's because of this that the greatest of tragedies that brings out the best in the humans. It is the utmost adversity under which humanity flourishes best. She represents human weakness.

Attila Age: 21

The natural born leader. She's wishing and hoping to prove herself worthy enough to be Queen, even if she realizes that's never going to happen. She doesn't lie to herself, because she doesn't see the point and she likes to think she's strong enough to live without sugar-coating the worst of injustice in the world.

Sean Age: 22

The opportunist. It's difficult to give Sean an introduction, because he can really be anyone he want to be. He's not tied down by the notion of identity. He accepts everything about himself and won't hesitate to change it if he feels that is the best course of action for a situation. If anything, he's the most like Daemon in that he lives for his duties.

Daemon Age: 22

The logical one. Whereas other people may tend to live for the sake of the people they love, he sees life untainted by by such desires. He lives for his principals, the debts owed, the vows he's given, and nothing, no one, else. He whole-heartedly agrees with the notion of the end justifying the means, and will charge towards his goals without fail or die trying.

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - William Shakespeare.

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