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Um...not really, please don't be scared of us. We're totally not crazy. We swear. Pay no mind to the straight jackets!

So I'm totally Devona! I'm the awesomer one here! Yay! I'm cool!

So she wishes. She might be a little crazy. Anywhoozles, I'm Heather!

And this is our joint account. Normally, I am known as LilyFinn. And I am known as Black-Neko-Chan! But I don't have any stories on here yet so don't bother looking for me. Haha, loser. I happen to have like...15 stories...or something. I rock. Unlike you. No, I'm never letting you have this keyboard again.

Well I totally have 13 FanFiction stories so ha! Ha ha ha! And now I won't ever let you have the keyboard! Despite the fact that it is your keyboard. I'll just take it home with me! And keep it forever! insert evil laughter Whatever...whatever...whatever. Oh, and my Fanfiction name is Lily-Finn178. Just so you know.

Heather's totally super-special-awesome bio: I'm 16, female, and I have no life. Well, I do because I'm kinda, like, living, but whatever. Anywhoozles, I like to read and write and draw somewhat and I'm maybe just a little bit self-obsessed. (Yeah, just a little. Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that. But we know the truth!!one!) I like boys, pens, food, and totally awesome random words like SERENDIPITOUS. As in, that was totally serendipitous. Like, Devona's face was not serendipitous. I adore anything with romance, including books, movies, fanfics, manga/anime, and the like. I take French and love the language, despite that I hate my teacher. Devona n'est pas chouette. Ha, take that you Spaniard! I have this growing competition with the Spanish. Because the Frenchies are totally better. Also, I have a boyish hair cut, therefore, I am known as the Manly Manly Beastly Man Gay Man Whore. Try saying that five times fast!

Devona's Awesomer (Or so she thinks, poor fool) Bio: So I'm 16 also, and I'm a girl, but I'm younger. Only about like by a month, but whatev. I'm still cool. (Lies,all lies.) I'd like to say that I have a life, but I really don't either. I have a job though!(She thinks she's cool because she can work. Well then, I'm cool because I can stand on my head and count to 100 in French. Okay, not really but I can count to 100 in French. And I can lie my ass off, so that must count for something.) So that's my excuse! Hahah, take that Heather! And just so you all know I can count up to 1 million in Spanish, which is by far cooler. So, I like to draw, and write, and read fantasy/romance crap, and I like to go on YouTube and watch stuff, like the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series and all of those other things. I write fantasy and romance and action, and I like yaoi and yuri is okay I suppose. So yeah. I think I'm done now. (Finally...God, you're so self-obsessed...)

Our Avatar:

We must explain the significance of our avatar to you. That boat there, is our ship. The Cameron. We. Heart. The Cameron. Just so you know.

On board The Cameron is a very diverse crew who all like to stare out windows. The captain is Diaz, the pirate. And they've even got a mermaid, too. Its name is Squeakers.

The Cameron is serendipitous.

We. Love. Logs.

Logs are our reason for existence. As long as there are logs, we shall survive. But should there ever be no logness in this world, we...shall...parish. Wait, no, that's perish. My mistake.

This is our LumberJack Anthem:

You and me

And me and logs

And you and logs

And you and me

So happy together!

I can't see us loving nobody but logs

For all of our lives!!

Babababa bababababa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Something, something


Lalalalalala lalalalala LOGSSSSSSSSSS!!

The End. La Fin. El Fin. (Devona's stupid and doesn't exactly know how to say the end in Spanish. Because, you know, she sucks.)

Okay, not really the end. Last thing. Just a little random quote from you:

Hey , dude, it isn't nice for you to sick your dog on me!

Hey, dude, it isn't nice for your sister to blow him to pieces!

He likes chaos, turmoil, and destruction.

Geez, he'll never find a match on Eharmony with those hobbies.

May that be a lesson to you all. And may the potatoes be with you.