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UGHHH!! @[email protected] HIIIIII! I'm not dead! I am SOOOOOOOO SORRY!!!

I haven't given up on my stories, just been pressed for time with school and job, school having to take top priority since I pay so much for the stupid thing...but I will write more! Have mroe written!!

Sold off, has about...10 chapters left I believe...somewhere around that anyway. Have to handwrite the final two...maybe three if I want to include the...epilogue which will just kill me because of all of you. XD I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Influence of Love is working itself out, sorry you guys! I love them too! Its a cruicial moment for them at the moment and I just...I can't seem to write that one part that releases the floodgates...I'm trying to push myself through it though! Doing a little bit every day until it finally slams me and I can do it though!

Probably drop "Diseases of the Heart" Until I get a better grab at the plot line and character...basically plot line...i have ideas just...not enough...

Sprinkle of Love is just there for spur of the moment stories...I may or may not keep them going...

I love all of you who fav and comment! I LOVE the feedback. I like to know what i'm doing right and if everything makes sense.

Hey everyone, I just thought that I'd update this because everyone else has this giant page about themselves in this area, I thought that I would too so you could learn a little about me...well, I guess I'll babble on now. My sister has an account as well, check her out if you want... though she hasn't written anything recently...grr...wanna hurt her for that cuz i LOVE her stories... TRUST ME i know them in her mind she just needs to frackin write them...


I have alot of stories on the go, but I'm trying to focus on one right now, and that's my 'I'm Sold Off to a Human...' the original title was, take a breath everyone, 'I'm Sold Off to a Human...Isn't it Supposed to be the Other Way Around?' I had to change it though because it wouldn't fit in the box. Lol. The description could've been longer, but we're limited. -_-

Sold Off to a Human: :BL: Vampire slave/Human owner

-P.S. "M" for chapters with Mature content, T for 'safe for work' chapters.

Jail Love: :BL: COMPLETE.

Diseases Of the Heart: :HET: *DROPPED WILL BECOME a Hetero couple.

Death In His Eyes: :WANNA BE HET/BL: Being's sad...and depressing...but cute...

Sprinkle of Love :BL/HET/WHATEVER: Small collection of short-stories.

Love Before Loved: :BL: COMPLETE. Sky/Ryuaki. Student/Teacher(HUMANS)

Field of Love: :BL: HIATUS(I need to find the notes...D:)

The Influence of Love: :BL: Loads of fluff and angst.


It will take me a while to update my stories because I--am in college and have ANOTHER physical job but am very happy. C:


http:/// My new DA account, should have a bunch of Ray and Nick up there soon, still transferring pictures over though.


I have an account, under the same name. Look me up if you want... Here we go!! There's actually some decient stuff, I can write about characters that aren't mine?! woah...XD


http:///profile.php?id=64256 Both me and my sister. We're on a roll. I write the stories, she draws them(Only Forget the Distance and Art of A Fantasy) the others are separate ones that we do on our own.



just cause my friends decided to talk me into it...LOL too much stuff on there...


http:///user/princessjulius/ Where all of my bl and smut drawings go. Need to put in recent stuff though...LOLS CX

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The Influence of Love reviews
Greg Percasso is a bully and he doesn't care for weaklings.Ricky Valentine is trying to start new and just so happens to be bullying material.Ricky gets bullied but he doesn't run.He wants Greg and he wants change. Could he influence Greg to be his alone?
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