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w00t! Its Hannah! Crank up the partay! 'kay- Some basic stuff... I'm in Middle School. I'm that girl you see at the mall singing some weird song from youtube. In case you haven't noticed, Ima GIRL. I live in California, and i am a teen not some oldie geezer person xD I'm Korean and oh so proud. Korean Forever! My friend made this saying that says "Once you go ASIAN you 'aint never go Caucasian" I may look kinda modest but you'd be surprised at how much i look in the mirror. My friends rock... Damn straight. Um... Oh yeah! I like saying "Peace" when i don't know what to say online :P I try not to hate but sometimes its so hard x_x Garsh, people nowadays are so "Eww" (Except for me, cause I ROCK) Yup. I like the color... green and purple! I do not watch sports, as i see no point. Yeahhh... I like being random, DEAL. I am who i am, and sweetie, you can't change me, no matter how how jealous you are. I am a Christian, but am currently questioning my faith :D There are certain things that piss me off, and it is a very short list. Ohhh, did you know that SA of a cylinder = 2 times pi times radius time height + 2 times pi times radius squared? Er, something along those lines. I enjoy happy faces! :) I am a retard at math, but I am a language arts whiz. Yeah I made my profile picture, it's a little thing I like to call Photoshop. If you dont like me, then deal, cause guess what, I DON'T CARE. Me and my buddies can sing gummy bear and still look better than you and your crap. xD Pffttt...I know, cool name, right? iPods ROCK! @[email protected] So, anways, Nae neen sarang hae! ((Which means I Love You in Korean)


Yeah I know i haven't been on this website for MONTHS but right now I'm going through a hard time in my life! I have tests and drama and my parents (Although I love them) are going through a major separation where my dad CHEATED and ran away to Korea, leaving my mom a single mom. My mom is my hero and I love her to death along with my annoying bro and my annoying sis!

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Exactly like iPods, hearts are being played all over the world

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"The Peanut to my Jelly" Rated teen for language, a romance story:

Michelle hasn't seen him in over a year, and she wants it to stay that way, so why does he suddenly appear out of no where? She hated him and now she's... falling for him? I guess pigs really do swim singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! But... will anythig work out? Where they made for each other? Or should they go back to hating?

"Getting over it... Almost there" Rated Teen for language, a romance story

Jamie still hasn't gotten over her boyfriend cheating on her. It's been 3 years, and her friends finally find a guy that' seems perfect for her! Will they work out? But first, can they get her to even go out of the house? Taking her step by step, they build a bond, strong enough to...

"Just Another Boy" Denial song

A song, written in a point of view where a girl tries to convince herself she is not falling in love. (Inspired by the song, "Pictures to Burn" by Taylor Swift.)

"Dress to Impress" Updates:

Totally got everything planned out for the long run. I have different versions of what could happen in the 2nd chapter, and am starting the 1st chapter totally differently.


11/14 Actually comes on the website! XD Yaya! :D But don't have time to update stories... SORRY! @[email protected]

7/8 Changed my name from "Lush" to "iPod" Too lazy to post another pictures :D Do it yawn Later... zzzzzz -.-

7/6 Made new story, "Dress to Impress"

7/4 Bored out of my mind at my cousin's block party until I met a girl named Abi, totally had a bunch of things in common XD

7/1 Bored out of my mind. x.x

7/29 (One Year Later) Watching the Ant Bully and amazed that its been more than a year @[email protected]



(Evan) Hannah, calm down!!

(Hannah) WHOA! WHAT DA HELL WAS DAT?! -looks around- O.o

(Evan) Are you retarded or sumthin? -_- ITS ME DUMBBUTT!

(Hannah) @[email protected] Ohhh... HAI! -tackles Evan- I LOVE YOUU! MISS YOU! -hugs until Evan turns blue-

(Evan) Cant... Breathhhh... X.X

(Hannah) ...

(Evan) ...

(Hannah) ...

(Evan) ...


(Evan) -Rolls eyes- -Munch-

(Hannah) OH CHEERIOS!! GIMMIE GIMMIE! -snatches and eat whole bagful-

(Evan) Hannah... That wasn't cheerios...

(Hannah) -chokes-

(Evan) -Does mouth to mouth-

(Hannah) BLEHH! THAT WASN'T CHEERIOS... I think...!

(Evan) You noticed?


(Evan) Hooray for the retarded kid!

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