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Poll: One of my stories, The Guardians, I just want to know something. In the story, four teens get a bunch of powers. Now, my question is... Which do you prefer: the teens staying human and using the powers or being able to transform into different forms Vote Now!
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Hello all you happy people! What to say? What to say? Okay, well...

Name: SoulViper11192

Age: Not lower than 10, but not higher than 25

Gender: Male

Residence: Earth. It's this lovely planet.

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I'm a sort of crazy person at times, but i can be serious. I like to look at the bright side of most situations and always listen when someone needs someone to talk to. I am a relatively caring person. I'm kind, to the extent where no one takes advantage of me. What else? My mind goes blank at times when thinking of what to say. I'm a very sarcastic person and love to tell jokes. Also like to hear them. I have a vast imagination and often get lost in it at times, especially at school in a boring class, especially in maths (no offence to you maths lovers and possibly teachers out there). I don't care what anyone thinks of me, because they will never change me. I like to write about almost anything and have got a bunch of ideas rolling around in my head. I just hope I'l be able to show more of them. I do have an account at under the same name. Hmm... what else. Well, if anything else comes to mind, I'll put it up.


Woodland Falls: Follow the lives of six teens in Woodland Falls, all who have skeletons somewhere in their closets. Chris, the new kid, has to deal with mistakes of his past and girl troubles as well as the secret of why his family really moved to Woodland Falls. Amanda has to deal with an incident concerning her boyfriend, while she deals with visions of her dead best friend. Is it a ghost or is there a logical explaination? Andy has to deal with the fact that he's gay, but things become harder when he refuses to tell his parents and his "girlfriend" blackmails him. Why would she do that you ask? Because he's the mayor's son and she gets more perks in town than he does. Mark is the only normal one of the group, but rest assured that his time for mistakes will come, especially one irreversable that will affect the group forever. Vanessa has to deal with accidently killing a boy in a hit and run, but that's only the beginning of her problems. And finally, Alex has to deal with covering up an incident between himself and Amanda concerning his father and brother and he (as well as the rest) will soon learn that keeping a secret takes hard work.

The Demon (Supernatural): Dale Decker, a boy who never got any respect from anyone, dies in a car accident. While this seems bad enough, the real problem only starts when he doesn't stay dead. He returns to the world of the living, but with strange powers and even stranger people trying to kill him. Throw in a maniac bent on bringing about the end of the world and Dale has pretty much got his hands full. Can he survive and discover the truth behind his ressurection or will he fall?


The Guardians (Fantasy): Four teens are thrown together when they are forced to become The Guardians; four powerful warriors who are suppose to protect the realms from evil. But, with there differences and dislike for each other, this proves to be a difficult task. Especially when their first enemy is half-god.

Guardian Angels (Drama): Zack Carmichael is a newly qualified psychologist. Using his skills, he joins a group called Guardian Angels, who are a group of psychologists who are hired to help troubled families and people by injecting themselves into that persons life. They use their knowledge to help the damaged, but Zack will soon learn that his clients aren't the only ones with issues at home. (There aren't real angels in this. They are all humans.)

Amber Sullivan: The New Girl (Mystery): Amber Sullivan and her siblings move to the lovely town of Waterfields after she was practically banished from her last town. Amber is a 17-year-old, self-proclaimed detective, or use to be, but decided to give it up after the last guy got away. Now, in her new town, a girl asks Amber to prove that her boyfriend didn't kill himself. Reluctantly, Amber agrees to help, thinking that she has nothing to lose. And then the case takes a dark turn...

The Chronicles Of Jill Winters (Sci-Fi): In the year 2008, the world was taken over by two powerful alien races and by 2010, most of the human race has been wiped out. Join Jill Winters, and her band of survivors, as she leads them and tries to discover a way to defeat the aliens who have taken over the Earth. Find out how they rely on each other to survive and follow the struggle they have to endure to win the war against these aliens.

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Elysium by Beyond Imagination reviews
Under Rewrite : Look for Authors Note date 6-21-10
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Guardians of the Realms: The Oracle's Journal reviews
First 30 chapters completely revised. Story: Modern day, the year 2012, four teenagers discover they can use the powers of sixteen dead gods in order to protect Earth and fifteen other realms. As they learn about their new abilities, they find themselves battling numerous enemies who are all searching for the most powerful artefact in existence.
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A war between two great nations, started by a tyrannical president. A terrorist group with the goal of killing millions. A mutagen causing havoc across the planet, turning organic creatures into monsters. Strange beings with psionic abilities, looking for something beneath the planet. A phantom of a man, waging war against his government. And it all leads to 1 place: Black Haven
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A teenage girl, Amber Sullivan, moves to a new town where her sister is a profiler working on a case of a serial killer who removes his victims' eyes. When the case takes a dark turn, Amber turns to the only person she knows who can get into a serial killer's mind: another serial killer. Specifically the one that murdered her parents. Read and review please.
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When Dale Decker returns to the world of the living, he goes on the run. With strange powers and visions as well as strange people trying to kill him, Dale fights hard to discover the truth to his resurrection and defeat his enemies. Just try it.
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What do you get when you mix a new kid, an angry girl, a strange athlete, a confused boy, a bad relationship, a good one, a crazed stalker, a suicide, and a dark secret or two. Thats right... Woodland Falls.
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