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Hi y'all!

I'm just an average person who just happens to love animes and fanfics! I still remember the very 1st day when I stumbled across this site and immediately became addicted to it and needless to say, I never ever wanna get de-addicted from this sweet intoxicating interest! _


Hmm... les'see...I have to write 'bout myself, huh?

MY NAME: Umm...I can't reveal that can I? . But for the time being, call me Euphoria Mustang (Euphie in short)...Roy's baby daughter. :3

COUNTRY: U.S.A, England, Sweden, Germany, Japan, China, Malaysia, France...any guesses?

SPECIAL TALENT: I am really good at mimicking others ( I know, I am saying so my self, but it's true!!) and my best act as of yet is acting like a two year old! I really enjoy doing it! XD It's a great way to tease your me, it always works!! :D

GENDER:-checks- a girlie...ehehehe -blushes- ;P

The Anime characters I die for: Sesshy( oh c'mon! who doesn't love Sesshy?), Roy Mustang, Ban Midou, Kazuki Fuchoin, Maes Hughes, Ed, Kai Hiwatari, Touya and Yue Reed! ( Thet're all so-o hot!!-touches one of them and PSSSSS- Ouch!! My finger!!)

Do I like any girls?

Yes! I do like some girls. Among the girls, I like Himiko, Kagome, Gracia and Izumi.

Hey! don't get me wrong!! I'm totally straight as a lamp post!! But, I do support yaois and yes, I also support mpregs! .

I think that it's a unique idea and hey! Why should the girls only suffer during birthing? The boys should also get a taste of how it feels to be bearing a life within them!! _

So, My fave animes: C'mon! You can guess them!!

HINT: Look at the characters above!

My Fave pairins:Oooh! This is the part I like!

I'm a fan of the following pairings: ( the ones in italics mean that I totally am a BIIIG fan of them)



Sess/Naraku ( if sesshy's being tortured, that is !! XD)


Roy/Ed parentals ( but I also like Roy/Ed yaoi; mostly onesided, that is from Ed's side)

Roy/Al parental

Sess/Rin parental

Sess/Shippou parental



Ban/Himiko (as siblings)


OTHER LINKS: I have also put up a few fanfics in as well as in So you can also check out what I've written there!

Lastly, all I have to say is : I am a person who loves to make friends. So feel free to send me mails and all! I won't mind...rather, I'd be very to the power infinity happy!! CX

Also, I really hope that you will review my works. I am always open for suggestions on how to improve myself.

Reviews are very much essential for authors. They can really make the stories go round! You know what I mean?

So, reviews are GREATLY appreciated!!

-puts up a puppy-eye look-

So, Plz plz plz mammas and papas, plz weview me! So sowiee! I sound like making a boo-boo! -giggles-

Plz weview my wolks! thanky-wankies!!

I wuv you!! ;P