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Yo, the name's TK, short for TSDK, which was short for the account name. I suppose I have a fascination with knights, and anything medieval and magical. I also like anything astronomical, and scientific.

I also have the oddest fascination with romance stories. Odd, because I'm male. Odd, because I'm not sure why it's ONLY romances that seem to catch my attention. I suppose that if I wanted to, I could look somewhere else, but I never really like to, besides humor and young adult. About the only thing that really bothers me is when good stories (at least ones I think are good) are dropped. It's not like I write for the reviews, and I certainly don't care besides "hey, pointed out this" and "squee!" So, folks, update your stories. I might not get a chance to review, but I sure as hell do read.

I'm eighteen, a college student, and part-time assistant at the campus planetarium. It rocks!

Well, even though it's taking longer than I thought, I'm already working on my first story for this site. Erm...well, it's two stories that I want to work on, but one's taking precedence since it's been in my head for a longer time.

Oh, right. Look for me on fanfiction, just click here: I have one story there,and two in my head. Technically three, but... you'll see when you get there.

Well, folks, I'm getting ready to put out my first story for fictionpress. And I have a cast of characters for you to peruse that I'm sure you wouldn't mind reading. (It's the first time I do this for a story, so be glad of it.)

Cast of "Lunar": (as of Ch. 1)
1. Blaise Fisher (father's surname): A sixteen-year-old werewolf living in the US with his mother, Dora, and sister, Amy. He was once unable to stop himself from transforming each month until he was given a special crystal that sealed away his lycanthrope unless he purposely tried to transform. Upon losing, it, he has been forced to endure two fierce transformations that have left him injured.
2. Michael Corbett: Blaise's best friend, but mortal. He is fifteen years old as well, and loyal to a fault. Though he's human, he is unilaterally regarded as the best fighter in school, having bested several opponents, many of whom have attacked him in multiples. He's in love with his and Blaise's mutual friend, Celia. There are several rumors, though, that Michael is jealous of the attention that Blaise has earned for himself in recent times.
3. Deirdre Howell: A fifteen year old half-Irish, half-English human. She has deeply fallen for Blaise, who does not reciprocate her feelings. Though she has tried to distance herself in years past, she cannot stop herself from returning to him, and as such, has left herself vulnerable to the wolfish instincts that Blaise has tried to suppress.
4. Celia Montare: A sixteen year old human who is in love with Michael, she fears for Blaise, and has an unknown reason for also fearing for Michael. Since she has Seer blood in her family, there has been talk among the four that she may have had visions in her sleep- the first sign of her ability coming through.
5. Dora Grey: Blaise's mother and for the majority of his life, the caretaker for his specific needs. She has kept his secret diligently and will continue to do so. She does not trust Michael, telling her son to watch out for him. She also disapproves of his relationship with Deirdre, upset that he doesn't end their friendship to spare the girl pain.
6. Amy Grey: Blaise's little sister by four years. She was afraid of him and his transformations, avoiding him whenever she could, but since the crystal came to him, she has warmed to him greatly. There is some trace of the fear left. She also has the biggest crush on Michael and is very jealous that Celia is with him. She also seems to exhibit a strange ability, but Blaise has yet to pinpoint what it is.
7. Stanley Howell: Deirdre's English father and former lieutenant in the US army. He does not trust Blaise one bit, and heartily disapproves of them being friends, held back from breaking Blaise's neck by his wife. He is also distrustful of Michael, but not to the same extreme extent.
8. Colleen Howell: Deirdre's Irish mother and resident joker. A cheerful woman by nature, she is well-known for teasing her husband for his choice in women as he had previously dated a French woman before marrying his wife. Her mother as well teases the both of them for their choices, and they both approve of Blaise and Deirdre's friendship, believing that so long as Blaise is around, the young girl will be safe.

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